World’s Tallest Pinball Business For Sale

THE HISTORY How many times have you heard people say, "It’s the same old thing! There’s nothing new! It’s the same stuff that I saw when I was a kid!" Well they don’t say that anymore . That is.....since the introduction of SPACE RACE--The World’s Tallest Pinball. Since 2004.…. Chances are……..People that have seen the World’s Tallest Pinball have mentioned this new colossal amusement. It’s interactive, flashy, dramatic in size, and people just want to play it!! It’s not just a game, it’s an attraction, featuring a hi-fi sound system and dazzling colorful lights. We have participated at festivals from UTAH, all through the MIDWEST, NEW YORK and all of the EASTERN SEABOARD. Many of the major festivals have featured us on the cover of their festival brochures. Countless Newspapers throughout the USA have covered us, and we have made numerous TV and RADIO appearances. As I tell people, “THE WORLD’S TALLEST PINBALL IS THE HOTTEST TICKET IN THE AMUSEMENT BUSINESS TODAY”

THE OBJECT OF THE GAME  The operator places the ball on the launching pad. The customer then presses the launch control button as on any pinball. This sends the ball up the chute to be spilled on to the top of the playing board. The ball free falls from there bouncing to and fro off of the strategically located dowels. The players goal is for the ball to return to the USA, which is located at the bottom of the playing area. There are 12 black holes of space located on the game board for the player’s ball to avoid. If it drops into a black hole the game has ended. If the ball avoids all of the black holes, they are a BIG WINNER ! EVERYBODY LEAVES WITH SOMETHING NICE ! Each player pays $4 to play. If their ball falls into one of the 12 black holes, they win their choice of a prize on the left-side prize wing on the machine. (see photo) I normally have about 35 different items to choose from with my cost ranging from .20 to .70. Should the ball avoid the black holes and return to the USA (located at the bottom), they win their choice of a prize from the left OR right side prize wing. Everybody Leave with Something Nice! Prizes on the right average between .40 and $2.50. Normally I place about 12 different prizes on the right side prize wing. Kids love the game, and love winning. As a result, I get many multiple plays everywhere we go.                                                                                                                                               

 THE NITTY-GRITTY-$$$ The sheer size and dramatic appearance of this attraction has a lot to do with its success. People just can’t walk by without stopping and watching, commenting, and most likely playing. It’s not unusual to have a hundred or so people in front of the machine during operation. People love it. As I say, “it’s not only a game, it’s an attraction!”! THE UNIT It goes down the road as an 8’ by 26’ trailer with a fitted canvas cover. 4 new 10 ply Michelin Tires, 6 months old. It has a slideaway hitch. The game board is raised to a 45 degree angle by a DC hydraulic cylinder. It comes with colorful leather balls, vinyl skirting, custom graphics, and side-mounted flags on top of the playing area. Professional CD sound system with built-in speakers. The entire unit operates on 30 amps of 115 volt power. The unit trails easily down the road on tandem torsion axles. Unit is water resistant. It can be operated in the rain.                   

 WHY AM I SELLING ? I created, designed, and built several unique children’s amusements throughout the years….Ducky Doodle’s Fun Pond, the Main Street Soda Shop, Rock N’ Roll Pinball, Speedwheel 500, and Alien Art. All of them, I might add, have been very successful. The World’s Tallest Pinball, without a doubt, is my finest. We have traveled throughout the US and Florida for the past several years seeing the sights, meeting wonderful people, and making some great friendships. All this, and of course, making some great money. You can easily make a good living with the machine. Through the years I have built 6 other of these machines, and sold them to different folks throughout the US. These were sold for $64,000 each. This price only included the machine. It did not include any inventory or previous shows. In early 2013, I was hospitalized with blood pressure and dehydration issues that are currently under doctors care. We still operated a slightly cut-down schedule in 2013 with great success. However…. By adding the fact that I am 66 years old………’s time to retire.

WHAT YOU ARE GETTING  The entire business. This particular unit is made of FRP. This like-new machine was completely renovated in 2012. All of my festival contacts, including previous contracts and pertinent info from many successful years of operation.  A complete list of my suppliers and vendors.  All of my remaining inventory….. probably enough to do over $10000-$12000 in business.  My contacts and route alone would pay for the machine.  This is not difficult to book…Festivals, Fairs, Corporate Events, Schools….Every event planner easily sees the value and attraction of the machine and does want it for their event. Many events, have given me a greatly reduced fee just to attend and operate.  Why not? It’s unique, lots of fun, and EVERYONE LEAVES WITH SOMETHING NICE!!

Price is $45,000. Also available is 24 ft. stock truck with living quarters. 7.3 Powerstroke diesel. Photos available upon request.

Ron Bandy
Columbus, Ohio
614-317-1845 or cell 352-208-1718


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Williston, Florida 32696
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