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 23" Tri-Color Necklace



Our Glow products our currently shipped by USPS Priority Mail. (2-3 days)
If ordering online by credit card Click Here .  If ordering by mail print the following form or hand print the information and send with payment. 
e-mail questions and online payments (PayPal) to
Phone (M- F, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern Time) 1-937-689-2193
Mail To: RWJ Products PO Box 303 Germantown Ohio 45327. 
Check Or Money Order Payable To: RWJ Products

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Shipping Information For Credit card orders and mail in orders.  After filling out this form click below to proceed to a secure billing page.

       Last Name:

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This form is for the Tri Color Glow Necklaces. (Tubes of 50)
1-3 tubes of 50 are $64.95 each
4 or more tubes of 50 are only 60.95 each
Shipping and Handling (Tubes of 50)
1 tube $8.00
2 tubes $14.00
3 tubes $20.00
4 tubes $24.00
5 tubes $27.00
6 tubes $29.00
7 tubes $31.00
8 tubes $33.00
9 tubes $35.00
10 tubes $37.00
20 tubes $50.00

                                        Enter Quantity:  Number of Tubes

        Enter total from price guide above:  Example 42.95

 Shipping & Handling from guide above:    Example 7.00

              Ohio Residence add 7.5% Tax: 

                      Enter Total Amount Here:  Example 49.95

Print and Mail To:
RWJ Glow Products
PO Box 303 
Germantown, Ohio 45327




Accepted Payments
Checks, Money Orders, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, PayPal

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