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06/07/2003 Spitsbergen Marathon Distance: 42.195 / 21.097 / 10 km Location : Spitsbergen, Norway Contact : Einar Bolin Address : Svalbard Turn City : Longyearbyen State : Svalbard Zip : 9171 Country : Norway Phone : Fax : Website : http://www.svalbard.com/marathon/   Email : Additional Info : This is the world's most northerly marathon race, and is an attractive competition for both Norwegian and international long distance athletes.  Longyearbyen, the capital of Spitsbergen (Svalbard), is situated at 78 degrees north latitude. Due to the influence of the Gulf Stream, climatic conditions during the summer are surprisingly good for the high Arctic. By mid-June, temperatures are above zero, there is little snow, and the sun does not set during the 24 hour cycle. Take this opportunity to experience a unique part of Norway!

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