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Hi Gary,   Thanks for checking in. Registration went great! Last year we had a little of 900 total and this year we managed to have 1200 participants! Everyone seems to think the online registration is great. People like simple and that it is. No problems with anything else. Things went as smoothly as they have in the past years with your service.   Look forward to continuing to us you next year. Thanks again! Kristy (329 participants registered online in 2008)

Hi Gary, I want to thank you for everything you did for us for our online registration for the Harrisonburg Autism Race. We raised over $6,500 and had about 580-600 participants (we're still figuring out our final amounts) but we most definitely could not have handled all of the registrations without your help. The race was quite spectacular and ran very smoothly for a first time event, and I believe it turned out to be the largest 5K event ever in the Harrisonburg area. Thank you again and we hope you will be willing to work with us again in future years! Take care, Ann  (318 participants registered online in 2008.)

Hi Gary! If you could close online registration tomorrow around noon, that would be fantastic! This has been the greatest new thing I've done with this race...thank you for making things so easy for me! I will recommend you highly to others who are planning races, and use you for any other races I direct! Heather Heather Butler Campaign Manager Team In Training, Mississippi Chapter

Over 100 participants registered online for the Charlie Post Classic. "The online registration services provided by RunWalkJog were easy and efficient.  Those who registered on line said that the system was quick and easy to navigate. The links were great too from the local weather channel, to directions from map blast, to the Charleston Running Club's web page were last years results were posted.  The follow up was always on time.  As a race director, RunWalkJog made my job easier.  Thanks! See you next year!" Anne Maguire Race Director

Thanks, Gary. We got some positive feedback on your site, that it was
easy to use and even fun.  Sharon

Hi Gary, Thank you so much for all your help with the Coaches vs. Cancer 5K. The race was definitely a success and we had a 30% increase in runners from last year. As registration chair for the event, you definitely made my life so much easier! Colleen Leddy CvC 5K Registration Chair

Hi Gary, Everything went great with our race the other day despite a little rain. Everyone seemed to be really happy with online registration. Thanks so much for setting that up for us. We really appreciate it and look forward to working with you again next year! Thanks again, Claudia

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Thank you for choosing RunWalkJog.com to provide On Line registration for your upcoming event.

Online registration is free for all events, however all participants who register for events at RunWalkJog.com will be charged a processing fee at the time of registration.

RunWalkJog.com agrees to provide on line registration for the event listed below.  Please fill out the form below and provide us with a copy of you event registration application.

RunWalkJog.com will use a secure site and will keep all credit card information and any other information collected at the time of registration confidential.

Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, PayPal and Google will be accepted for online registration payments.

Also by signing this agreement the event director understands and agrees that money collected will be mailed weekly or upon and agreed schedule. All remaining registration fees will be mailed within 2 days of the completion of the event.

Participants and event directors will receive confirmation and registration information by e-mail.  Event directors will also receive registration information via regular mail along with payment.

RunWalkJog.com will provide links to and from event websites. If needed we will provide a event page for you. Please include any information that you would like included on your web page.  Typically we can gather this information from your own registration application.

RunWalkJog.com agrees that all information collected will remain confidential and only used by RunWalkJog.com.

Please provide RunWalkJog.com with your current event application and note any additions you would like to the online application.

Event directors may terminate this agreement at any time. 

If you have further questions E-mail garydsmith@runwalkjog.com  or complete the form below.

Gary Smith
PO Box 303 
Germantown, Ohio 45327

On Line Registration Agreement Form

Please submit the following form. You may also mail the form to the above address.  Please e-mail, fax or mail event application and any information you would like included in your online registration form.


       Event Date:   

        Event Title:


  Event Location:

   Event Director:




Postal Code/Zip:






Additional Information:


I agree to the above terms and understand I can terminate this agreement at any time.

Event Director or Authorized Representative Name and Date:

Name & Date:


Privacy Statement:

  All information submitted by participants is confidential. Information submitted at the time of registration will NOT be sold, distributed or made available to any individual or company other than RunWalkJog.com. RunWalkJog will use up to date security measures  to protect any credit card information submitted at the time of registration.  Click here for complete privacy policy



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