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"Great, Thank you. I've sold 2 trailers on your site and hope this one goes too. Claudia" 3/15/2017

"Gary, on page one of concession trailers for sale, the new listing for a BBQ trailer in Florida has been sold. Your site has moved three pieces of equipment for me. We really appreciate the traffic your site draws. Thanks Dale Poston Premier Concessions LLC" 2/11/2017

"Good day, We have sold our concession trailer and would like to remove our ad.  Thank you, our buyer came to us through your site. Please let me know if you need additional from me. Thanks again, Christina"

"Gary you can remove our ad for the 2005 Horton Hauler SOLD! The ad wasn't up quite a week, we had three requests for more info and caller #3 signed papers tonight. Can't thank you enough for the exposure on your website. Really appreciate all you've done. Thanks again. John & Gail Ware"

"Please mark this trailer as SOLD thanks for a great way to sell this . Ian"

"Thanks to your website, I sold the 1890 replica of a steam engine today. Please remove her from your Food Concession page. Thank you so much. Mary Clark"

"Please cancel my add online as we have sold our trailer. Quick sale indeed! We so appreciate your site. Thanks again!" Janet Giles

"Please delete the 2013. $5900. model on page 1. It sold too. The $8900. porch model next to it is still available. You sure get results. Thanks, Casey"

"Hi Gary, I am pleased to let you know that we sold our food trailer to a very nice couple from Maryland"s western shore about 3 hours from where we live in down state Delaware. Your site did the job for us in a short time, we appreciate you help. Thank You very much. Gene & Dora Poppitt"

"Gary, thank you for placing my ad. I an pleased to tell you we sold the concession trailer in 6 days from your listing. That was great. Please take down the ad. Thanks again, Pam Johnson"

"Gary, on page one of concession trailers, please mark as sold the 7x14 Fibercore trailer in Tampa, Fl. We sold the unit this weekend. Thanks for your awesome site. We have sold three items here so far. "

"We had tried to sale our Shave Ice business for the last year and it was only on your website for 2 weeks and it sold. Thank you very much. Deborah M. Barnes"

"Just wanted to let you all know that we sold the 2009 HMDE Concession Trailer from Louisiana please take off your website.  Thanks for such an awesome website if it wasn't for you all we wouldn't have sold this trailer. We tried a lot of other sources to sell the trailer but no luck until this one. I would recommend this site to anyone that is trying to sell or buy a concession trailer.  Thanks again, Sherri Outlaw" "Hi Gary, Just wanted to thank you and let everyone know you have a awesome site. Our 2008 8x16 Royal Trailer sold very quickly after listing it.  I still get calls daily. Could you please post a sold sign or remove the listing? Thanks, Wanda"

Gary, “Good News” our 2009 Trailer Tech Concession trailer has sold. Thanks for your help and support. Great Web site. Please remove our listing. George 

"Hi thank you for listing my trailer on your site it took a little under a month to sell. I Had it for sale on another site and never even got a call. Your posted it on your site with-in 24 hours of me sending you the information. So Thank you for all you did. Kurt Stewart"

"Your site definitely did the trick.  I received calls from Washington state to New York.  The actual buyer was from Oklahoma.  Can't tell you how many calls I received and could have sold the trailer 3 times over.  Thanks so much.  Linda"

"Hi Gary, your website is AWESOME! Please remove my ad for the trailer, I do still have my coffee cart, do you have a section for it? I sold my trailer a month ago but have been busy moving to a new house. I am telling everyone about your website, it rocks! Thank you!

"I got calls from as far away as Seattle, Washington, and I sold it to a young couple from Salt Lake City Utah. They picked it up Monday. The buyer said he typed "concession trailer" in the search box and the search engine brought him to You must have your site tied to the right keywords and search engines. I will use your site again. Many Thanks. Larry" 

"We just sold the trailer yesterday. It took about four weeks to sell it after posting it on runwalkjog. The ad was up the same day we uploaded the info and pictures to you. You can mark it sold or take it off the site. Thank you very much! Scott Stone"

"Please delete 2986129946. RWJ works again, Thank you. Casey"

"We have a concession trailer listed on your website. It has sold. Thank you so much for your help in finding us a buyer. This is a 23 Foot gooseneck in Texas. Please now remove the listing from your website as we continue getting phone calls. Becky"

"Please delete the following listings. As usual your site really works. 2012 New Custom Crafted Griller $7900. 2012 Porch Model $8900. Thanks, Casey"

"I decided to sell my concession trailer and listed with and the buyer called me the next morning. I had it sold in less than 2 weeks. Thank you so much runwalkjog for finding me a buyer is such a short time. I appreciate your help! Thank you - Tina Banko"

"Hi Gary thank god for your web site we sold our truck and trailer for the same price we asked in our ad not a penny lower the guy and his wife was so happy and so are we again thank you Gary it sold fast you can now put sold on our ad god bless. NALITA"

"Good News! My trailer sold and the buyer just drove off a few hours ago. He saw the trailer on you site and contacted me immediately. You may remove the listing now. Thanks again, Roger"

"Gary, I am just writing to say I have sold my trailer and would like to thank you For your help in doing so and would recommend your service to anyone. Thanks. Gene"

"Please remove are ad for a 2006 Tava 14' Mobile Kitchen Concession Trailer. The trailer has been sold, thanks to your site. We had numerous calls from people all over the country, that seen are ad on your webpage. Jeff"

"Gary, Thanks for the great service will use this site again. Trailer has sold so please remove listing, had calls from as far away as Newfoundland. Keep up the good work ! Greg"

"Gary, I must thank you and tell you that the trailer we listed 30 days ago has sold! I am always skeptical of these web-sites but, I must say you are 100% legit! I am very impressed and the people we sold to were absolutely delightful! Again Thank You! Another successful transaction from your site! Connie and Ofer Levy"

"Hi Gary, Just wanted you to know we sold our Red Custom Made Concession Stand Trailer in West Va. on the 1st. day of your web site. Thank you so much for your services. Thank You. Bob & Jean"

"Please cancel my listing. I believe it is #106931. Thank You, your site really works. Casey Jones"

"Hi Gary, Your website truly works! It gets lots of reviews and along with that said we have sold our unit. Can you mark it sold on the website? Thank you Darlene Bray"

"Gary, Sold my trailer and truck the first week I listed with you! However my buyer had to wait for a settlement check to come in, and he just drove it home minutes ago! So thank you so much for your site, it really works! Diane

"Hi, Gary just wanted to let you know Our trailer sold to the first family to contact us about it. Thanks for offering a great service like your's. Sincerely, Russ Prichard"

"Thank you for selling our concession trailer 2008 Horton Hauler. Eugene"

"Hello, Just sold my airbrush tattoo business so you can remove the ad. Buyer found it on your website. Thanks, Mark"

"Hi Gary, I'm writing to inform you that my concession trailer sold last weekend. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you. Your service was wonderful and I really appreciate how quickly you helped me make my necessary correction to my listing. I would highly recommend this site to anyone either looking to buy or sell. I had my concession trailer listed on here and on craigslist. Over 90% of my calls came from this listing! Thank you again and keep up the good work! ~Connie"

"Gary, Sold my trailer from your site too!!  thanks. Diane Beverly ( big red b-b-q trailer listed at $40,000.00)"

"Gary thanks for all your help. Your service was exceptional. Thanks to your ad, we sold our trailer. thanks again, We highly recommend your website. Linda"

"Hello Just wanted to let you know that our trailer sold already! It is the 2007 Wells Cargo Trailer from Indiana. We received a call within one week of the listing and they fell in love with it and bought it. Thanks for your help. Karen Tejera"

"Hi Gary, I sold the green & white trailer. It is listed on page three I think. It is listed under Claudia Titus, Ada, Ohio.  I could have sold it over 6 times. Thanks for your good site.  Hope to use your site to sell my truck as soon as my internet is back up. Claudia Titus"

"Please delete my listings Conf. 105796 and 106211. As usual your listing did the trick. Thanks, Casey Jones"

"I am so grateful that you have the website for concession trailers. We still have one trailer (1998 gooseneck) but at least one of the trailers is now sold and for the price we asked. Thank you again for your help. Becky Kinsey"

"Hi, Gary Wanted to let you know my 2007 C&W custom trailer in Virginia is SOLD. Thank you so much for your site. FYI - I got probably 30 or so calls and emails. - Terri"

"Gary,  I sold the trailer and wanted to let you know it can be taken off.  Thank you for your service! It didn't take long to sell!  Mike"

"Just wanted to say thank you for your service. I received a number of calls regarding my food concession Trailer, Anthony's LiL Red Riding Food. On Sunday January 15th, 2012, a lady found my unit thru RunWalkJog, and drove four hours to see my unit that Sunday late afternoon. She placed a deposit on the unit that afternoon and we closed the deal on 1/20/2012, and not too far off my asking price. I thank you again for the opportunity to place my ad with you and wish you all the best in the future. can you please place a SOLD sign on my ad. Anthony Vazquez"

"Hi We have sold our trailer that we had listed with you. We had several calls and was very pleased with the results. You have a good advertising service. You may remove it or leave it on and mark it sold. Thanks again for your service. Ted"

"Hi Gary! I am happy to inform you that the trailer has sold. Your site was wonderful, we got more for our trailer than we probably would have if we used ebay or some other sales service. Thanks so much! Sincerely, Dalia Finley Superior Cleaning" 

"Hi Gary! this is Layne Conner.  I submitted an ad on June 23rd. I have sold my trailer! Thanks to you all! I sold my Trailer! L Conner"

"Just letting you know that I sold my trailer. Thank you for your service and it was worth the money spent. I will use your services again. Ben"

"Dear Mr. Smith, I wanted to let you know our trailer has been sold! Thank you for your site and for all that you did for us. I greatly appreciate it! God Bless, Jennifer "

"Runwalkjog Our concession trailer was sold in a matter of days thanks to your listing. We had people calling to look at it right away and it sold for the asking price, all the ones who looked at it saw it on your web site. We certainly would list with you again. Thank You Dan Thornton"

"Gary, please list my 2005 Fibrecore trailer in Ohio as SOLD. thank you for providing this wonderful website. My trailer sold in 6 days, and I had 4 people waiting, hoping the buyer would change their mind. this was the easiest ever. I recommend this site to anyone in the business. thanks so much, Ruth Huntley"

"My name is Erin Ware I currently have a listing on your site for a 7x14 2010 concession trailer. This trailer has been sold please remove from your listing. You have a great service. Thank you"

"Hi Gary, Thank you, your site is very effective and I got a call about my concession trailer every day after listing it with you. It sold in 10 days and I got a lot of serious enquires. please can you mark it as sold or take it off the site as I am still getting calls. I will definitely recommend your site to others. thanks again, Cal in Florida"

"Gary- Please cancel my previous listing. It has SOLD, you sure get results! Casey" 

"Hi Gary, my trailer is sold please update your site on the 2000 wells cargo priced at $7000 , Thanks your site works great and produces a lot of traffic. Ian McAndrew"

"Gary, I wanted to thank you for your help in selling our trailer. You can remove the add now, we sold it. Thanks so much. Sincerely, Missy"

"Gary I just wanted you know that the trailer sold. You can take it off the site now, You have a great site I had 25 calls on it, thanks Gary Greg .B"

"Gary, Please Cancel My ad.  It sold in 2 weeks but I waited to cancel until closing.  Great Service!  I spent $1,000 with other services and did not get anywhere near the response or effectiveness as your site.  Thank you! sincerely, Lary"

"I sold it to a person from California as a result of the listing. Thanks., Casey Jones"

"Gary Want you to know that Kenna and I have sold both of our concession trailers! Your site is awesome dude! Thanks! Kenna - Richard"

"Hi Gary, We would like you to put sold or remove our ad. Our trailer sold right away. Your website is the best. Thanks a lot. Rebbel Clark"

"Hello I will be putting another concession trailer on your site in a week or so, just had it overhauled and need to sell it, Thanks for a good site Claudia"

"Gary, Please note that my 2005 Kraftsman Trailer has sold in North Carolina. Someone from three states away purchased it after seeing it on your site. Thanks!" Kristin

"Thank you Gary, my trailer sold in the first week of advertising on your site. I never thought I would find a buyer so quickly. Thanks again. Mike Connolly PS. Please list it sold or remove the ad as I am still getting calls on it."

"Gary, Our trailer has sold, thanks to your website!! We are still getting calls, please mark the trailer sold.  Iowa 87 Wells Cargo. Thank you, TJ Becker"

"Hi Gary, Thanks to your website, I had no problem selling it! Thanks for providing a secure and easy way to buy and sell. I had calls from all over the US. Thanks to all those who looked and called! Ricky Clinton NC"

"Gary, Just wanted to let you know to mark my vending trailer (1999 Pace in MS) SOLD! I have had excellent response to this ad and I want to thank you for the reasonably priced, very well presented ad. This is a great website that I will recommend to other folks in the future. Thanks again. Debbie Laird Lake, MS"

"Gary, Sold my unit yesterday. I had dozens of calls during the 3 weeks I had it listed, and the first customer that looked at it, bought it! Now I need to sell my pull truck. Thanks for your help, and I will not forget it! Bill Lockhart"

"Gary, Will you please show this listing as sold? I certainly appreciate your time. I received a lot of calls from your site, ranging from Arizona to North Carolina, and finally found a buyer. I don’t know how I would have sold this trailer without your site. I will definitely do business with you again. Thank you, Cody"

"This is the only place I listed my boat. It sold at full price within 8 weeks of listing. I had only serious buyers contact me. This site was a wonderful way for me to market my boat and save lots of money on commissions. Thanks for doing a great job. Sheila "

"Dear Gary, Please mark my trailer as sold.  Now I can shop your site for A smaller one that I can handle.  Thank you very much.  I had people call from Idaho, Arkansas, Kansas City, A guy drove up from Texas and I finally sold it to a Buckeye.  Thanks again, Claudia."

"Gary, I just listed my second concession trailer. Attached are pictures I would like placed with the ad. This is the second trailer that I've listed and I did sell my first one within 30 days. Thanks Rodd "

"Gary, Great News! Just sold the Shaved Ice Trailer / Business. A Gentleman from Indiana just left my driveway and I have the money in my pocket. The buyer was one happy camper and so am I. What can I say but that your site worked great and it sold my trailer. Thanks and God Bless. Greg C. Bellbrook, Ohio."

"WOW! - couldn't believe the response we got from your site Gary. Shortly after we listed our concession trailer we received several calls and more importantly these calls were from serious buyers from all over the US and Canada. We sold our trailer in less than 2 weeks. Just amazing results, thanks again for all your help. We couldn't have done it without you. Todd L, TN"

The Florida corn roaster is sold. Thanks for your great site. I am actually looking at another trailer you have listed here. I guess once it's in your blood. Thanks Dale Poston Premier Concessions Inc.

Gary, Just wanted to tell you thank you again for selling my trailer for me and you can remove my trailer from your website.  I get alot of exposure from your website. I will be sending you information for another trailer soon. I look forward to working with you again. You have done me right in the past and I look forward to working with you again. Adam

I have sold my concession trailer. Your website did it!  thank you.  Kathy

I had my concession trailer in a classified paper for 5 months no calls or response and then I put it in a local classified with 1 call.  Then I put it in your classified and had a number of calls and sold my trailer 2 1/2 weeks and thank you so much, I would recommend this web site to everyone that want to sell there trailer thank you again so much. Shirley

We just sold our concession trailer. Thanks you so much! We got a lot of calls and we finally found a buyer. Thanks again! --Jeff (sold in less than a month)

Gary, Please cancel our listing we sold our trailer Sat. 5/3. Thank you very much for this site. Greg & Debbie Farmersville, Texas

Thanks so much runwalkjog. I put an add up to sell my Concession Trailer in lots of places on the web, but about 90% of the calls that I received were from people who saw it on runwalkjog. Excellent exposure. You rank real high in Google searches. Only listed it one time and it sold. Thanks Again, Pamela

Gary, Richard Porter here just wanted to let you know that I have sold my 2001 wells cargo concession trailer. Couldn't believe the numerous calls that I received from all over the country your site was a great place to sale my trailer and with a great price! would list with you again in a heartbeat. Thank you very much. sincerely Richard Porter

Hi again. I wanted to let you know that I sold my concession trailer and you can remove the ad from your website. I wanted to thank you very much for putting it up so quickly and displaying it just the way we wanted to. Less than a month. Wow. The trailer was sold it to a very nice couple. They were both eager to get started in their new business and we helped provide as much information, documentation, and materials to truly make it a turn-key operation for them. I wish them the best of luck, and thanks once again to you for listing it. Have a great day! Diane 4/08

Hi Gary, we sold our 2005 7x16 concession trailer. Thank you for your web site. Leonel Pineda

I have sold the 19' Waymatic concession trailer. I would like to thank you for all your help and time.  Thanks again, Adam

Gary, just letting you know we sold our trailer. Thank you very much for your service, we had it on e-bay and craigs list and your site generated double the inquiries of the other sites combined. I will highly recommend your service to others looking to sell extra equipment. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial for your site if you wish too.

Gary I sold the 2007 Wells cargo 7'x16' trailer model CLW162 from Ohio From Stephen Magda. Thank you for the listing and hope to get another one maybe. Sold it to a nice couple from Canada.

We sold our concession, thanks for the site. Lee Justice

Gary: The second time around did the trick! We sold our trailer! Thank you for your great site! Cheryl

Gary, Thanks to your website, I have now sold my concession trailer. Regards, Scott

We sold it to the 2nd guy who contacted me thru your site. Worked good for us. Didn't have a lot of calls but the ones I did get seemed to be more interested then your regular tire kickers. Dale 


Gary, I sold my trailer through your fine site in 24 hours, cash in hand! please pull the ad. I could not be more pleased, thanks so much! curt markley

Gary, My name is Amanda. We sold our 2004 8 x 12 Yellow Tropical Sno Shaved Ice trailer. Your website was very helpful to us. We are located in Arkansas and received calls from all across the US. Thanks again, Amanda

Gary, Just wanted to let you know that my concession trailer has been sold so you can indicate it on your web site. I have received tons of calls and was fortunate enough to find a buyer. Thanks to your web site! Thanks again, Tim Johnson

Hi Gary, I just wanted to let you know that we sold our trailer. If you could please take the listing off. We had a lot of phone calls. You have a great website. Thanks again, Hollie

Gary, My trailer is sold as of yesterday. Please delete the add as now I'm starting to get even more calls. You were right it sold fairly quickly. The trailer is the 2004 18 X 8 United Concession Trailer in Diggs, Virginia. Thank you for your excellent service. John / Karen Weaver

Hello Gary, I sold the trailer and will refer people to you. Thanks!! Myron Riedel

Thanks Gary for letting me use your web site. The trailer has been sold. The sale was from using your site. Thanks. Troy Kruse

Hi Gary, Wanted to let you know our 2006 SnoPro trailer has sold. We used only your website to advertise, thinking that if it didn't sell, we would keep it open another year ourselves. We should have known better after reading testimonials from other sellers using your site! We have had calls from all over the U.S., from Utah to Florida. The trailer's new home is in Georgia. Thanks Gary for making this sale such an easy, effortless process.  Sonny Miller

Gary, the trailer is sold as of yesterday. I had a great response and everything went very well with this transaction. Please take the add of your web site. Happy New Year! Christian

Hey Gary, Just wanted to let you know that I sold my trailer. Thank you for the great website, I had a ton of calls from all over the country and sold it to a woman in Florida. Thank you for everything and have a happy holiday season. Cheryl Levrio

Mister You can remove our listing! Yes, we sold it already, on the very first day.  Kudos to your site. Thanks Peace and goodwill Burt McDonald

Hi Gary, great response on your website. sold the stand after only 10 days had people waiting for a viewing actually sold it to a blueberry farm in Michigan he actually bought it 3 days ago on the phone they took it home today thanks Gary and keep up the good work we really appreciate it and was pleased people who wanted and had a plan for it got it. 

Hello Gary I just wanted to thank you for your website and your services, it really works. I already sold my 2003 14' x 6' 5" Vavasci Kitchen like 3 weeks ago and I'm still receiving calls from all over the country. Thank you again. Que Dios te bendiga God bless you

Hurray....Our trailer has SOLD. A man in California found it for his son who lives just a few miles from us in AZ. We met some great people and wish them all the best with their new business. We are impressed with the ease of using your website and the prompt posting of our concession trailer. Thank you.

Hello Gary, I am sure glad I placed my ad with your internet classified website. I had a ton of calls and had it sold in one week. I continued to get several calls a day until I finally called you and had it put in as sold. We will use you again. Our best, Ace Wilson Ace's Concessions

Gary, Would you please mark our concession trailers as sold. The day it posted to your site it was sold that evening at 9:30 PM. Thank you again for your assistance. It is certainly clear that once posted on your web site we received immediate attention and response to the add. We have since purchased another unit to restore and will certainly list with you again. Great job and a great and immediate response and sale. Thanks again and look forward to dealing with you in the future. Jacquie Dillow

Gary, Thanks so much for your service; your web site sold our trailer! We listed it about a month ago and sold it within the first two weeks. (We waited to cancel the ad until the deal was completed.) Thanks also to the people who called from all the country to request information about the trailer. We sold it to a couple about 75 miles from us who would never have known about it without our ad with runwalkjog. Thanks again! Lynn & Barbara Ipock

TRAILER SOLD! Thank you so much, we had spent so much money advertising in the newspaper with not much luck and 1 week on your site and it was sold! Thanks so much for the affordable rates! Jennifer Berry

Thanks for the help in selling our concession trailer. Before we listed we shopped around and determined your service represented real value. Some other sites wanted a percentage of the sale price and that simply did not seem fair. Now that our unit is sold we are really glad we went with you. Each person whom called had a real interest in the unit and was well informed thanks to your excellent site. Thanks very much for offering this fine service at such a reasonable price. With your help we were able to find a good home for our vending trailer without anyone getting ripped off by a third party broker. You guys Rock ! Sincerely, Todd Reeder Franklins Philly Shack

The Concession Trailer sold in 2 hours after it was put on your site and alot of calls from people , Thank you for all your help please note the trailer has been sold. Michael Greene

Hi, just wanted to ask about selling a commercial property. Can you please advise? I am the same guy selling old school desks from Ohio. I must add, they have all sold, unbelievable response. If you could, unlist the old office furniture, and let me know about the commercial listing, thanks so much, Nick DaLonzo

Gary, We have sold our Concession Trailer thanks to your website! We still can’t believe how quick it sold. Before listing on your site, we had it listed in our “expensive” local newspaper and didn’t even get one call. We had several calls from this listing and first person that looked at it, bought it. Thanks again! Joe & Rita Perrine Theodore, AL.

We held the trailer for a party from Aug 1st to mid Sept. when he backed out. However another party saw the listing and came by and ended up purchasing it. He came by Tuesday PM and paid for it and took it down the road. Thank you for the space on your web site it sold the trailer for us as the people were about 4 hours south of us. Thanks for helping us sell the trailer. Thanks Gary Chuck Hoyer


Hello, Just a note to let you know our concession has sold. Thank you very much for your very great web site for concession trailers. Your site is the best, we sold in just 3 1/2 weeks with calls starting the first day from all over the USA. We had at the least 2 calls a day. People traveled far for concessions, so others who place their concession on this site, Believe me it will sale. Thank you , Run Walk Jog. Thank You, Jody Swearengin

Gary, I sold the 7 x 14 United Expressline trailer I had listed on your web site. Please mark it sold or remove it as you like. It sold through you site. Thanks for your help. Vince

I located your site while surfing the net. I listed my 1985 Fiber Stream Camper on your Free Classified Ads site and in 3 weeks I sold the camper and got on average of 4-5 calls per week from all over the country Thanks Steve

Gary, just wanted to let you know that I have sold my trailer and that I appreciate all of your help. Please remove my ad at your earliest convenience. Thanks again, Chris Seals

Hi Gary: We did sell our concession stand, I didn't know how to have you mark it sold?? Thanks your site was successful for us!! Fran Bennett


Hi Gary. Just wanted to tell you, you have a great web site, I sold my trailer the first day it was put on, they picked it up today, some nice people from Mississippi. Good job Gary! Thanks Mel Buccola.


Thanks to you, my concession trailer has been sold! Please remove it from your listing. I am very impressed with your web site. My transaction was handled promptly & I would highly recommend your services to anyone. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Rebecca

Dear Gary, I decided to sell my concession trailer several months ago. I parked it alongside a major highway, I got a lot of phone calls but no offers, I tried that "other" site but got tired of the auction scheme and suggested sales gimmicks and then I found "RunWalkJog," purely by accident. Your price for an ad is more than reasonable I didn't have to play any pricing games and I sold my trailer for my asking price in ONE WEEK! Your site is awesome and it actually gets results! I'd recommend it to anyone! Thanks Sarah

Good news…our trailer has SOLD!!! Thank you so much for a GREAT website. It definitely generated a lot of interest and we got a lot of calls. We finally got that one right person who wanted to buy! Can you please remove the listing (as the calls keep coming in)? Thanks for all of your help. Ken Rose

Gary, Thanks for the ad. My trailer is sold so you can remove the ad. I had a ton of calls and emails from all over the country from California to Texas. The guy that bought it was from Arkansas. It sold the first day but I wanted to wait till he picked it up before I removed the ad. Thanks again, Norm

Gary, Thanks for the listing on our Concession Trl. It has been sold, Davin

Thanks. I had more response from your site than anywhere else. Barb

Sweet Dixie Smoked BBQ (Indiana) Please remove our concession trailer from the website. We did sell it recently. Thanks so much,

Hello Gary: I just wanted to let you know that I have sold the Trailer as of yesterday, and the person who bought it saw it through your ad. Will give credit where credit is due. So you can take it off today. I got a lot of response from the ad. Thank you very much for your service. George


I had placed ads in local newspapers with little response and no buyers for my concession trailer. The ads were much more expensive and my name was solicited to other papers around the country. I actually got more calls to place more ads than potential buyer calls. I placed my ad on your site and had an out of state buyer in a week. Thanks Richard Clark 

We have sold our concession trailer, so if you could take our listing off that would be great. Thanks for all your help and I can't believe how easy this was...I'm so glad I found your website! Holly

Thank you for your website and offering a place to sell concession trailers nationwide. I have sold mine so please show it as sold on the website. Thanks again, Dan Johnson


Thanks for your site...  I listed my trailer on a Saturday night and had 3 hits on Sunday! Then all week I had probably 20 more. I sold it to one that had seen it on Tuesday just 2 days later! They picked it up on Sunday. So in one week I had listed and sold it!  Thanks so much for your help and I will watch for another one in about 6 months. I will go back in the business...but this time I will be going into the coffee business!  Thanks again, Wendy Ruhstorfer

I just sold my trailer it is the 7x14 united concession trailer thanks for your help. Joe Hunt

Your site did the trick! When we announced a price reduction the phone started ringing and resulted in a quick sale. Glad we found your site and we will recommend it to others. Please remove the listing. Sincerely, Sam Godfrey

Gary, Thank for listing our concession trailer, we sold it. Thanks again, Lee Justice

Hi Gary, I sold my trailer and I wanted to thank you for posting a great ad for me. I was very happy with it and will highly recommend your site to others I know who have trailers. You can remove my ad.....thanks a million, Tom Landrum

Gary, Just wanted to let you know that our 2004 Wells Cargo Concession trailer has been sold and that you can remove the listing from your site. We are so pleased with all of the responses we received from listing this trailer with your site. Thanks so much, Chris Denys


Hope this email finds you guys well. You can mark the yellow 32 ford as sold Thank you for the listing she sold fast. Have a great day Monika Gilbert

Gary, Please remove our listing of the concession trailer. It was sold yesterday. Thank you for your great presentation. We had a lot of calls and inquires on it. Will definitely recommend your site. Thank you, Beverley & Wayne Mitchell

Hi Gary, Just wanted to let you know that I have just sold my funnel cake trailer and you can delete the ad from your site. Thanks for all you help! Happy holidays Cissy Cox

Gary, This Site is great!!  I have had more calls from your site than my listing on a paid site. 1997 Wellcraft 26 Scarab Brent Kirchhoff

Please list our trailer as being sold/or remove from the site. Thanks so much, and it was amazing how many people contacted us about the trailer VIA this web site it was sold to someone who saw the ad on the site. Thank you Dwight Cline


Gary, Please remove our ad for the concession trailer from your website. We sold it this weekend. Thank you so much for your assistance in selling our trailer. We listed I think around the mid to end of November. So it sold in around 2 months. I do not know if you do feedback surveys, but we were really happy with the amount of hits we received from your site and would recommend it to anyone.  Thanks again, Natalie Black

Thanks for the ad in carsposted sold it after a few short weeks, Thanks again.  Alfred

I'm writing to say I sold my car!!! HOORAY! Thank you for having this site!! I got lots of interest from it. Thanks, Emye

Please cancel the ad for the 1996 25.5' Terry 5th-wheel camper. Thanks to your service we have sold the camper!! Thanks, Cindy

I'm Marc and I had the red 1994 Suzuki RF600 for sale listed on your site. I just sold the bike today, 4/1/06. Please remove it from your site. Thanks for the help and I'll be sure to recommend your site to friends. Marc

We sold our concession trailer. You can take it off the internet or you can leave it on with a sold sign on it and a testimonial. We were very VERY happy with the site. We got numerous inquiries and had the concession trailer sold within 2 weeks of posting it. We are extremely satisfied.  Carol and Mark Woody

Remove listing boat sold through this listing. Thank you. SHEILA

Please remove my add which is the: 1982 Coachman Sportscoach, 32 feet, listed in Londonderry, Vermont. The perfect family bought it today. Thank you so much for having such a nice site. I was only listed with you for about 4 to 6 weeks. The family that purchased the motorhome appreciate your site very much also. Thank you so much. Glinda

I have recently sold my camper that I had advertised on your site. The camper is a 2003 Jayco Eagle in Arlington Hts., Illinois (Kara Landeweer). Could please remove the ad at your convenience? Thank You Very Much for placing my ad! Your service was very instrumental in selling my camper!

Thank you for your service. I sold my camper in less than 1 week. The first person that called to come look at the camper, purchased it. Your website was awesome!! Phil.

Remove Wolverine Truck Camper Glennie, Michigan Remove Thanks so much for allowing us to use your site we sold our camper within a week!

Gary, I sold the trailer last Friday. Not sure why, but I only got a couple of calls up until about two weeks ago? Maybe because of the holidays? Anyway, thank you. Chuck Maloney

Please remove the listing described above. It's been sold. Your website generated many inquiries. Thanks! Michael

Thank you for allowing me to post the above on your website...I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in selling their vehicles... Lisa
Thanks so much for having such a great venue, and great pricing for selling my old car! Old cars are hard to sell. You have to have just the right buyer. I thought it would probably take a year.... BUT... I got lots of emails and within 2+ months I sold my car! To the PERFECT buyer! It was the exact car he had as his 1st car!  Thanks again, Legwork
Mr. Smith Thanks soo much for listing my camper, would you please remove listing in Tennessee RV s 2003 Jayco kiwi 21 c I have sold this unit.  You have a great site!  Thanks Greg.
I would like to cancel my ad as I sold it through your web site. Can't tell how pleased I am that it sold. I also ran expensive ads in the newspaper but I got the most response from your site! Thank you Robert Septor 1998 Mercury Mountaineer Lake Mary, FL

Thank you so much. This unit sold in less than two weeks! Danny

Please remove my listing for 1996 Coleman popup in Louisa, KY. I believe the perfect family bought it tonight. Thank you for making this sale as painless as possible.

I sold it It's the bayou & B B Q one in Wisconsin Thank you Dave

Please remove the add for the 1985 Fleetwood Prowler travel trailer. We have sold it with thanks to your web site! We had no calls until about 2 weeks ago a couple from TN. called we emailed pics and they picked her up this past weekend! Thanks again for getting the word out there now we have to decide what toy we want next LOL! Thanks again Rebekah Sandgap KY

Please remove my ad. Camper was sold thanks to your website. Ryan

I just sold the bike 8/26/08. Please remove it from your site. Thanks for the help and I'll be sure to recommend your site to friends. Brett
Please remove my add for the 1994 Terry 5th Wheel Camper I sold it today, thanks to your website.  Maria in Ohio

Gary, Your site is great, I have received numerous inquiries and now the trailer is sold. Less than a month!!!! Thanks once again. Doug PS.. I included the listing info so you could find may just put a sold tag on the trailer for a couple of months and if anyone calls asking how good your site is to deal with, I will give you a great reference. Thanks again Doug

I wanted to thank you for helping me get my camper sold. I got a good price on it and the buyers got a decent deal. It didn't cost me one cent to get this camper sold. You provide a very valuable service. It's hard to believe that anyone will do anything for free anymore. I will be sure to tell others about your services.  I received many calls by using your website. I had it listed locally and got more response from your site. You had my camper listed for sale in less than 24 hours and the pic was added to it the same day I emailed it to you. Please remove this listing from your website. It's listed under Iowa campers. It is the 1968 Blazon camper, 19 feet in length, listed under Ryan in Winterset Madison Iowa. Thanks again for you help getting the camper sold Ryan

Please remove the 1995 Coachman Camper Van ad.. We sold the camper today and he lives here in the same town and never knew it was for sale.. It took your web site to get it sold.. Thank you very much.

THANK YOU! We had alot of lookers and sold it to a wonderful family. Thank you for the great website and the easy way to sell.  Sandy

Thank you, The Trailer has sold after one week, not much more to say, thanks again! Jim Joice

Hello and thank you for your service. A gentleman here in Carrollton bought the boat and it is no longer for sale. Again I would like to thank you for your great service. Respectfully Scott Velain
Gary, Our trailer has been sold. Your website was an excellent source to do comparison shopping when our buyer was searching for the right investment to fit his needs. Thanks for all your help and support. Benita
Please remove our ad - our camper is SOLD!! In less than 4 days. It was a 24' 8" Gulfstream Amerilite.

I just recently sold my concession trailer through this site.  I was very pleased with the amount of calls I got from having my trailer on here.  I sold my trailer for a very good price and will sell more things on here in the future.  I recommend it to everyone.


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