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Thank you for all of the inspirational stories.  Make sure you read them all.  There are some really great weight loss and running stories and you definitely do not want to miss reading them.  Please feel free to share your personal story.  View My Personal Weight Loss And Training Progress.  Your story may give someone the motivation needed for successful weight loss and a healthy life style. Submit a personal weight loss or running story. Email the story to garydsmith@runwalkjog.com

I decided to run a half marathon. I finished in 1:51. It was the first race I'd ever run. View Story

The past 8 months of my life has been amazing. I cant begin to tell you how much has changed and what has happened. Complete Story

I did the Mrs. Idaho pageant after losing a total of 100 pounds, and I made the top six out of 16 amazing woman. View Story

I've gone from not being able to walk down the driveway to running my first 10k.  View Complete Story

We began on March 14th, 2009, with my weight at 286 lbs. Today, I am at 220 lbs. Weight Watchers Story

I purchased a pedometer and started walking with weights. I have lost 70 lbs and I feel great.  View Story

I weighed over 350 lbs June 2002.  I can play tennis again I walk 1hr day and feel great. View Weight Loss Story

I ran a average of 10-15 miles a week along with other exercises. More

I started on may 20, 2007 at a beginning weight of 324 pounds with a BMI of over 60 which makes me morbidly obese. View Weight Loss Story

It took me 40 years to realize that I had the power all along. My next race, I improved my time once again, coming in at 25:15. View Success Story

Over the next few months I lost over 90 pounds. It is now six years later and View Success Story

I don’t think I did anything special. I realize that both the weight loss and the marathon were huge accomplishments, but I am not extraordinary. I am just a stay at home mom from a small town, without a chef or a personal trainer. I used no gimmicks or quick fixes and I don’t think that I possess any greater character than anyone else. That’s the long way of saying: If I can do it, anyone can. View Success Story

I weighed 232 pounds. Today, I weigh 155 with 17 pounds to go to get to my goal weight of 138. I am now the “average American woman” in a size 14. View Success Story

I just wanted to share my journey from over 380 lbs  to 230 lbs and a Triathlon. View Success Story

I stepped on that culprit that just sits there gathering dust on the floor, the infamous scale, that it was time for me to do something other than force a big greasy hamburger and fries down my throat in less than a minute. View Weight Loss Story

I signed up for a Learn to Run clinic. Thirteen weeks later, I completed my first ever 10K run. At my last checkup, I was advised that I was no longer pre-diabetic. My blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels etc. were normal. View Story

When I crossed that line, several things happened to me. I left the old me behind. I found a new identity. View Story

I couldn’t run with the extra weight, and now I can. Maybe I am catching a glimpse of why people run. View Story

I have lost 56lbs. I have walked in 3 5K's and I am about to do my first 2mile run View Story

I have lost a total of 96.5 pounds, walked over 2000 miles, and drank over 250 gallons of water. How do I feel??? “GREAT” View

As of May 10th, 2007, I am currently down to 206 lbs (Body Fat 24.0%) and have run a 5k at a 7:16 pace (22:36). I have lost 54 lbs and 22% of my body fat. My goal is to reach 170 lbs by the end of the year. View

I was so miserable with myself and how I looked....which got me depressed, which made me eat. I had no energy. View

I went home and weighted my self and tipped the scale at 305lbs.  View

I started the Atkins diet and exercise in November 2003, weighing in at 175 pounds. By May of 2004 I had dropped down to 140 pounds View

My Weight Loss With Atkins View

I Think of running as my own little drug. I Can't have a good day unless I.  View Success Story

About 5 months ago I started fast walking / power walking and some slow running. View

A lot of people warn against running every day but I cant stand going a single day without running. Now, 4 months later I weigh 149 pounds View Story

I think learning to run at the age of 46 is one of my proudest accomplishments. View

I was 20, and 280-285. I decided that if I wanted to have a career in law enforcement View

I was 44 years old, 235 lbs with high blood pressure. View Weight Loss Success Story

I always told myself I wasn't and never would be a runner. I was deathly afraid of running and knew it was something I would never do. View

I was 115 kgs at the age of 22. It was like alarming stage. View Story

I was 80 kgs at the age of 21. My weight was too much in comparison to my height. View Weight Loss Success Story

Is Heel Pain stopping you from losing weight? View

Running is not something in you genes is something that grown on you that you begin to love and I wouldn't have it any other way! View

Today I signed up for my first 5k walk View Story











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