July 2007 Training and Race Schedule



Beginning month At 203 lbs and 22.5% body fat.  I have lost 57 lbs up to this point.

Week Ending July 7th, 2007

Sunday: DNR / Working City Folk Festival 16 hours.
Monday: DNR / Recovering from weekend
Tuesday:  DNR / Working Around House and Lawn
Wednesday: 5k Freedom Run Helke Park, Vandalia, Ohio
Thursday: 10k Road Course / Felt really good despite the wind and 95% humidity.  Managed to run a 7:58 pace.  The first half was at a PR pace, but in the 2nd half the humidity got me.  The first half was up hill and into the wind.  I pushed the pace but paid for it the 2nd half.  Event though the 2nd half was with the wind and down hill I could only manage a 7:52 final mile.
Friday:  DNR
Saturday: 3.25 Miles Easy Pace / Weight 203 24% fat

Date: July 4th, 2007 8:30 am 74f
Event: 5k Freedom Run
Location: Helke Park, Vandalia, Ohio
Time: 21:47   /  23 seconds slower than PR
Overall Place: 100th
Age Group 40-44 14th
Splits: 6:46, 7:10, 7:04 :47
Ran much better than I expected.  I was hoping to break 22 minutes with the reduced mileage over the last 3 weeks.  The course was flat but the wind was a little strong.  I started slower than I normally do and felt good most of the way.  I wanted to pick up the pace over the 2nd mile but decided against it.  I felt really good over the last mile except for the final surge where the wind seemed to slow me down.  It was a great event and the turn out seemed to be way up from the previous year.  The winner ran a 16:21.  My age group was very tough this week and the top Master ran a 17:50.  The top female ran a 19:04.

Total miles for the week: 14.75

Weight: 203lbs Fat 24%

2nd week in a row that my mileage has been under 20.  Work and Heat have reduced my mileage to where I probably will see a substantial weight gain.  My fat percentage has gone up to 24%.  My reduced mileage will probably continue until the middle of August.

Week Ending July 14th, 2007

Sunday: DNR
Monday: 3 Miles easy road / Hot & Humid
Tuesday:  DNR
Wednesday: 4.25 5K Race Carriage Hill Trail Series
Thursday: DNR
Friday:  DNR
Saturday: DNR

Date: July 11th, 2007
Event: 5k Trail Series
Location: Carriage Hill, Huber Heights, Ohio
Time: 24:21 PR for Trail 5K
Overall Place: 94th
Age Group 40-44 8th
Splits: 7:55, 7:45, 7:54 :44
Easy trail course; however, the lack of training and temperature kept me from running much faster. My brother won my age group in 20:38 and was the 3rd place master.  The top master was 19:26.  The overall winner ran a 16:35

Total miles for the week: 7.25

Weight: 211 lbs 24% fat

Really seeing my weight increasing with lack of running.  Hopefully I can stay around 210lbs until the middle of August when I can get back to running daily.

Week Ending July 21st, 2007

Sunday: DNR
Monday: 6.5 Road / Ran the 10k course at a good pace.  The temp was 90f with 40% humidity / Pace 8:05 / Weight today was 206lbs and body fat was 24.5%
Tuesday:  DNR
Wednesday: 6 Miles / 5k road race Englewood Metropark / Weight 208 lbs
Thursday: DNR
Friday: DNR
Saturday: 5K Middletown Ohio Challenge Balloon Festival

Date: July 18th, 2007
Event: 5k
Location: Englewood, Ohio
Time: 22:59
Overall Place:
Age Group 40-44
Splits: 6:40, 7:42, 7:57, .39
This was a tough course.  The first half was primarily down hill with the 2nd half uphill.  I probably ran the first half to slow considering it was all down hill.  The second half was uphill but I felt really good.

Date: July 21st, 2007
Event: 5k
Location: Middletown, Ohio
Time: 21.51
Overall Place: 24th
Age Group 40-44 3rd
Splits: 6:40, 7:42, 7:57, .39
Other than falling at the start I was surprised I ran so well with the low mileage over the last few weeks.

Total miles for the week: 16 1/2

Weight: 206 lbs 24.5 % body fat

Week Ending July 28th, 2007

Sunday: DNR
Monday: DNR
Tuesday:  DNR
Wednesday: 4 Miles / 2.5 Mile race Summer Series Middletown Ohio
Thursday: DNR
Friday: DNR
Saturday: DNR

Date: July 25th, 2007
Event: 2.5 Miles
Location: Middletonw, Ohio
Time: 16:43
Overall Place: 3rd
Age Group 40-44 1st
Splits: 6:15 7:07 3:20
5 seconds slower than last month. 

Total miles for the week: 4 Miles

Weight: 208 lbs 24.5 % body fat

Week Ending August 4th, 2007

Sunday: 6.1 Miles Road 9:49 Pace / Very hot and humid / No energy
Monday: 3 Miles Bike Path 8:28 Pace
Tuesday:  3 Miles Road 9:17 Pace

Total miles for Month: 54 Miles Year 853

Weight: 210 lbs 25 % body fat  Gained 7 lbs for the month and 2.5 % body fat.  Lack of mileage and poor eating due to work schedule has really set me back.  I should be able to get back on track sometime within the next few weeks.  Hopefully I will be able to get under 200 lbs by fall and stay there.







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