October 2007 Training and Race Schedule



Beginning month At 211 lbs and 25.5% body fat.  I have lost 49 lbs up to this point.

Week Ending October 6th, 2007

Sunday: 4.2 Miles Twin Creek Trail Course / Sore and low on energy ran easy / 42:29 
Monday:  7 Miles Germantown Trail Course / PR for this course for the year.  All time PR is 61:00 / Time was 65:52
Tuesday: 10K Road Course / Really felt heavy, sore and the wind didn't help.  Still manage to run a decent time of 52:02
Wednesday: 4.2 Twin Creek Course / 35:42 / 80
50% Humidity / PR For Course
Thursday: 8 1/4 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline / 90
Humid / 7:49 Pace
Friday: 6 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline / 8:00 Pace
Saturday: 5K Tator Trot Potato Festival Spring Valley, Ohio / 209 lbs and 24.5% fat

Date: October 6th, 2007
Event: Tator Trot 5K
Location: Spring Valley, Ohio Potato Festival
Time: 22:24
Overall Place: 2nd
Age Group (40-50) Place: 2
Pace: 7:13
Splits: 6:40 7:11 7:35 :47
The course was very fast.  The first 1/2 was slightly down hill and the 2nd half was slightly up hill.  Ran better than I thought I would and even lead for the first half of the race.  I finished the first half in 10:34 but couldn't keep the pace up.  I thought it was a good effort considering my work schedule and 2 hours of sleep prior to the race.  I also had a high mileage week prior to the race.

Total miles for the week: 41 miles

Weight: 207 lbs 24.5% fat.  Big drop in body fat this week.  Another great week with over 40 miles.  The next 2 weeks will see a substantial mileage drop due to work schedule.

Week Ending October 13th, 2007

Sunday: DNR End of a good streak of 13 days for 76 Miles
Monday:  7.25 / 10K road course / 87
40% Humidity / Ran with a migraine and felt heavy but still managed to pull out a great run. / 48:48
Tuesday: 10K twin creek trail run / PR for course in 56:05 / Cut 40 seconds off my best time.  The temp outside was much cooler today around 74

Wednesday: 2 1/4 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline
Thursday: 3 1/4 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline / 7:40 Pace
Friday: 3 1/4 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline / 8:20 Pace
Saturday: 5K Oktober Fest. Germantown, Ohio

Date: October 13th, 2007
Event: October Fest 5K
Location: Germantown, Ohio
Time: 22:21
Overall Place: 14th
Age Group (40-44) Place: 1st
Pace: 7:11
Splits: 7:05 7:19 7:17 :39
Started slower than normal and felt really good the whole race.  Wasn't feeling that great due to working all day and the 5:00 pm race start.  Since this is my home town I was very familiar with the course.

Total miles for the week: 26.5 miles

Weight: 210 lbs 25% fat.  Low mileage this week and a gain in weight and body fat.

Week Ending October 20th, 2007

Sunday: DNR
Monday:  DNR
Tuesday: DNR
Wednesday: DNR
Thursday: DNR
Friday: DNR
Saturday: DNR

Total miles for the week: 0

Bad week due to working out of town all week and long hours.

Weight: 216 lbs 26% fat.  Weight and body fat really climbed during low mileage over the last 2 weeks.  My diet also suffered working out of town last week.

Week Ending October 27th, 2007

Sunday: 10k road home course / PRY for the course / 48:15
Monday:  DNR
Tuesday: 4 miles / 5K Ghost And Goblins, Dayton, Ohio
Wednesday: 4 Miles Treadmill 1.0 / 7:30 pace
Thursday: 4.5 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline / 7:30 Pace
Friday: 3 1/2 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline / 8:09Pace
Saturday: 5 Mile Race Feed Dayton 5 Dayton Ohio

Date: October 23rd, 2007
Event: Ghost And Goblins 5k
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Time: 22:11
Overall Place: 158th
Age Group (40-44) Place: 11th
Pace: 7:08
Splits: 6:39 7:23 7:25 :44
Another night run. Fastest start in a 5k this year.  Did not feel as good over the last 2 miles as last week but still ran a faster race.  The temperature was perfect with a slight wind.  My 5K time is slowly coming back down.  Hopefully I can get back to trying to break 21 minutes.

Date: October 27th, 2007
Event: Feed Dayton 5 Mile
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Time: 38.34
Overall Place: 3rd
Age Group (40-44) Place: 1st
Pace: 7.46
Splits: first mile 6.38 last mile 7.36
This was either a tough course or the distance was longer than 5 miles.  2 miles were on trails but the trails were pretty much flat.  I didn't feel that I ran any miles slower than the last mile however, my overall pace didn't match with the effort.

Total miles for the week: 28.5 Mileage was low but effort was good. All 5 of my runs this week were at a good pace.

Weight: 210 lbs 23.5% fat. 

Week Ending November 3rd, 2007

Sunday: 4 Mile Race / 1st Annual Eastwood 4 Mile. Dayton, Ohio
Monday:  4.2 Twin Creek Course / 34:51 8.17 per mile / 64
/ PR For Course by 51 seconds.
View The 4.2 mile Course

Tuesday: 4.2 Twin Creek Course / 40.54 9.46 per mile / 65 / Easy run click on map above to see detailed course and run stats.  Purchased a Garmin and used online software to chart run.  View The 4.2 mile Course
Wednesday: 4 Mile Road Course / 34.19 8.34 per mile / 61
16 mph SW wind / Avg. HR bpm 145 79% effort.

Date: October 28th, 2007
Event: Eastwood Reserve 4 Mile Race
Location: Eastwood Lake Dayton, Ohio
Time: 28.53
Overall Place: 58
Age Group (40-44) Place: 3rd place award
Pace: 7.13
Splits: 6.59 7.10 7.26 7.16
This was my fastest 4 mile run since 1993 when I ran a 23:11.  I though this was a very good effort considering I ran a 5 mile race yesterday.  I was tight for the first 1/2 mile and ran the first mile a little slower than I wanted.  I think I am close to being able to run a 7 flat pace for this distance.  The temp was about 60 with a cool breeze.


Total for Month: 110 Total For Year: 1111 Weight: 210 lbs 23% fat.







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