2007 Training and Race Schedule


This is a brief summary of my weekly training for 2006.  I will go into more detail of my training and weight loss in 2007

Week ending Sept 9, 2006

15 miles all easy trails. Weight was 250 lbs at the end of the week. Changed my bad eating habits.

Week ending Sept 16, 2006

21 1/4 miles all trails and treadmill except for one 4 mile road run at a 10:31 pace.  Weight at the end of the week was 245 lbs. Body Fat 31.5%

Week ending Sept 23, 2006

10 1/2 miles, only ran 3 days left knee really sore. 3 miles trails, 3 1/4 treadmill and one 4 1/2 mile run at 10:03 per mile.  Weight at the end of the week was 244 lbs.

Week ending Sept 30, 2006

22 miles all trails with a long run of 6 miles at 13:15 per mile.  Weight 241 lbs.

Week ending Oct 7, 2006

17 1/4 miles in 4 runs.  All trails except for a road 10k run at 11:51 per mile, ended up walking some of the last 2 miles overheated.  Twisted my ankle twice this week.  The last one was really good. Weight was 238 1/2 lbs.

Week ending Oct 28, 2006

Tried running 3 miles but ankle still not 100%.  Really twisted it bad.  Weight is 244 lbs.

Week ending Nov 18, 2006

16 3/4 Miles all Treadmill.  Ankle is finally 100%. Weight at the end of the week was 244.

Ended up losing about 6 weeks from a chronic twisted ankle.

Week ending Nov 25, 2006

20 1/2 miles all treadmill except for 5 mile race at a 9:34 pace.  Weight is 243 lbs.

Date: November 23, 2006
Event: Turkey Trot 5 Miles
Location: Miamisburg, Ohio
Time: 47:53
Overall Place: 2087
Age Group Place: ?
Pace: 9:34
Splits: 9:18 9:16 9:50 9:43 9:43

Not really a race just a motivation run.  I have only been running since September 5th, 2006, after 2 years of not running. Missed all of October with a twisted ankle.

Week ending Dec 2, 2006

9 1/4 miles including a 5k race on the 2nd.  Stomach was upset for a few days and I twisted my ankle again.  Weight was 243 lbs.

Date: December 2, 2006
Event: 5k Santa Run
Location: Xenia, Ohio
Time: 27:28
Overall Place: ??
Age Group Place (40-45):
1st place!! unbelievable truly motivating.
Pace: 8:51
Splits: ??

Week ending Dec 9, 2006

17 miles mostly treadmill except for 5k race on Dec 9th.  I have been having stomach problems lately and had to have an upper endoscopy which revealed a minor reflux. I was prescribed protonix. Weight Was 242 lbs

Date: December 9, 2006
Event: Jingle Bell 5k
Location: Beavercreek, Ohio
Time: 27:19
Overall Place: ??
Age Group Place (40-45): ??
Pace: 8:49
Splits: 8:33  9:10  9:35

This race was a little hilly but a great training run for me.  The temperature was 20 F and very windy.

Week ending Dec 16, 2006

18 miles with Sunday and Thursday off.  Ran trails, treadmill and 2 road runs.  longest road run was a 10k at 9:16 per mile. Ran a 3 mile trail run without trail shoes and fell numerous times.  when the run was done I was totally covered in Mud.  Felt really good this week with a final weight of 236 lbs.

Week ending Dec 23, 2006

6 1/4 miles only running 2 days.  Can't believe I twisted my ankle again.  Looks like I am going to have to stay off of the trails.  I bought a new pair of trail shoes and manage to still twist my ankle.  Weight was 242 lbs.

Week ending Dec 30, 2006

21 1/2 miles with 2 days off.  Ran all miles on treadmill except for a road 10k at a 9:04 pace.  Even ran on Christmas day.  Ending weight was 235 lbs.

Overall I am happy at my progress so far.  I have lost 25 lbs and am currently injury free.

If you have advice or questions feel free to email me at garydsmith@runwalkjog.com


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