March 2007 Training and Race Schedule



Week ending March 3, 2007

Sunday: 4th day off due to groin strain / Ankle finally 100%
Monday: 3.25 miles road / ran very easy / 9:49 pace
Tuesday: 4.25 miles road / ran a little harder today and groin ok / 8:37 pace
Wednesday: 10k road / very windy / felt really good today / 8:25 pace
Thursday: Off bad weather / recover from yesterdays run
Friday: Off bad weather
Saturday: 5k race / legs felt ok / 7:45 pace

Date: March 3, 2007
Event: Strides of March 5K
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio  Lunken Airport
Time: 24:01
Overall Place: 17  The faster runners ran the 10k
Age Group (40-50) Place: 2
Pace: 7:45
Splits: ??
The course was very fast.  The first 1/2 was slightly uphill but had a tail wind.  The last half was into the wind but all downhill.  I would have had a better race but the course design was a little out of the ordinary.  the 10k and 5k started at the same time however, the 5k was routed in the opposite directions for a few hundred meters and then back onto the 10k course, right behind the large pack of slow runners in the 10k.  The bike path was very narrow and hard to pass the slower 10k runners. I had to run off the path and in the mud to get by the runners.  It took the first mile to finally get by all of the slower runners and settle into my pace.  I believe that I had a 7:30 pace in me, but will have to wait and see how I do in next weeks race.

Total miles for the week: 17.25 miles / lower mileage due to weather

Weight: 221.5 lbs 27.5% fat / no change from last week.

Feel good after taking 6 days off over the past week.  I would be able to run more miles if I had my treadmill fixed.  Still feel good with my overall progress and weight loss.


Week ending March 10, 2007

Sunday: off today / recovery from race
Monday: 8 miles trail and road / could only run 2 on trails because of ice and ended up running 6 miles on the road at a pace of 8:32 / weight was 221 lbs today
Tuesday: 4 miles road / ran easy no energy and died after 2 miles / 9:43 pace / 9:34, 8:50, 9:37, 10:59
Wednesday: 5 mile speed workout on track / this is my first track workout in at least 10 years / felt really good and was surprised at the speed of the 440's / 8 x 440's at an average of 98 seconds / splits; 1:41, 1:40, 1:38, 1:34, 1:40, 1:36, 1:41, 1:37 / 220 walk & jog recovery between each 440 / The soft cinder track was a welcome change from the road.  After the 4th interval I was ready to quit.  I felt really sick but kept going.  This was really good for my motivation. 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down.
Thursday: 3 miles trails / 12:00 pace /  I was forced by trail conditions to run really easy today.  I really didn't want to run very hard today after my speed workout yesterday.  The trails were very muddy with snow, slush and slick Ice in many places.  I gave up trying to stay clean after the first half mile.  The extra 10 lbs of mud on my shoes and legs slowed me down a little also.  I felt a little stiff and sore before the run but, felt really good after. / weight 221 body fat 27%
Friday: 3 miles trails / easy run / very warm outside today 60
/ Trails were very muddy and icy in spots.  Ran hard enough to break a sweat and loosen up.  Scheduled to run the Cavalier 5k run at Lunken Airport, Cincinnati tomorrow.  If the weather is willing I am hoping to run a 7:30 pace.  I will be running in the Heavy weight Division over 220lbs.  My goal is to hopefully be under 220 at the end of the race.
Saturday: 8 miles including 5k race / 1 mile warm up 5k race and 1 mile cool down / ran 3 miles trails in the evening.

Date: March 10, 2007
Event: Cavalier 5k
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio  Lunken Airport
Time: 24:36
Overall Place: 40 out of 150 runners
Age Group: Place: 2 Clydesdales over 220lbs  Would have been 3rd in the 40-45 age group
Pace: 7:56
Splits: 7:25, 8:10, 8:12
Ran the same course as last week.  I thought I would improve on last weeks time but, instead ended running about 30 seconds slower.  The first half was into the wind and slightly up hill.  I probably ran the first half to fast.  I should have been able to run a 7:00 last mile since it was downhill and with the wind.  The second half was rough and I really struggled to run at an 8:00 pace, I just ran out of energy.  I started faster than last week which was probably my big mistake.  In looking at the results I noticed that that the winner in my age group passed me in the last 1/2 mile.  I wasn't to far from the age group winner or Clydesdale winner (next race).  The winning male ran 17:07 and the winning female was 18:12 and 6th overall.  She wasn't that far from winning the whole race.

Total miles for the week: 31 miles ( need my treadmill fixed so I can increase my mileage)

Weight: 221  lbs 27.0% fat / no change from last week. lost 1/2 lb and .5% fat

Only took one day off this week and legs held up ok.  I can't wait until my treadmill is repaired so I can increase my mileage and lose the weight a little quicker. Current running streak is 6 days for 31 miles.


Week ending March 17, 2007

Sunday: 3 miles trails / Easy Run 11:00 Pace
Monday: 7.25 miles am and pm run / 4.25 miles 8:31 pace / 3 miles 7:53 Pace
Tuesday: 6 miles trails / Ran easy at 11:50 pace walking the steeper hills.  Twin Creek Reserve is the toughest trail system I have every ran.  The six mile course has 5 really steep hills including the last hill which is about 600 meters long.  Germantown Dam is a close second  / weight 220.5 27% body fat. I will run this course in 58:02 on April 14th, 2007
Wednesday: 3.5 miles twin creek trails / 28:08 3 miles & 1/2 mile easy / 2nd best time for course / Felt really good today. legs felt really strong. Had to walk and jog the last 600 meter hill.
Thursday: 3 miles road / very easy run / no energy today
Friday:  Off recovery day / End of another good streak 11 days 53 miles
Saturday: Race today / St. Patrick 5K Middletown High School

Date: March 17, 2007
Event: Ohio River Road Runners Club St Patrick 5K 
Location: Middletown High School, Middletown, Ohio
Time: 23.24 / 1minute 12 seconds better than last weekend.
Overall Place: 27th
Age Group: Place: 2nd place 40-45
Pace: 7:32
Splits: 6:57 / 7:35 / 8:04 / :48
Very happy with my results today.  My goal was a 7:30 pace.  Warmed up with a 9:00  mile on the high school track.  The start was delayed for almost 30 minutes and I planned on starting off at a slower pace. I couldn't believe the first mile split as it was the fastest mile of the year.  The course did however, start out on a fast downhill mile.  I felt really good for most of the second mile and barely held on the last mile as it was into the wind and uphill.  The temperature was around 28 f with a fairly strong wind.  The age group winner for my division ran a time of 22:09.  The winning time of the women's race was 20:00 which was only 12 seconds behind the 13 year old winner of the men's race.  I think the actual group of leaders went the wrong direction on the course allowing for a slower winning time.

Total miles for the week: 27 miles

Weight: 220  lbs 27.0% fat / loss of 1 lb

Running easy Thursday and off on Friday probably led to my 5K PR for the year.  Treadmill scheduled to be repaired on Tuesday which will hopefully allow me to increase my mileage and lose some more weight.  My mileage has been cut substantially since losing my treadmill.  The conditions of the trails this winter have been treacherous and the miles on the road have been limited because of my weight.


Week ending March 24, 2007

Sunday: 4 miles trails / 3 mile Twin Creek Metro Park Reserve course was very muddy; however, I was able to run the second best time on this course (27:57).  I did not push the pace and could have very easily cut another minute or 2 off.  Cooled down with an easy mile jogging and walking the hills.  Felt really good today.
Monday: 6.5 miles road / Felt a little low on energy, but still a good medium distance run.  Started out slow into the wind and rain and gradually picked the pace up. / Pace 8:37 with last mile in 7:38.  Cooled down with a slow 1/2 mile. / Weight today was 220 lbs with 27% body fat.
Tuesday: 3.5 miles treadmill / 8:00 pace 1% Incline /  Had to stop after 3 miles, no energy /  Weight today 118.5 lbs
Wednesday: 7 miles trails / Germantown Reserve Dam, Five Rivers MetroParks /  Ran a nice easy steady pace including all hills.  This is a tough course and very hard to run in muddy conditions.  Temperature was 78f and I was slightly dehydrated after run. / pace 10:42, Course PR is 8:46 / Weight today was 217 lbs
Thursday: 5 miles treadmill / 7:30 pace 1% Incline
Friday:  4.5 miles treadmill / 8:00 pace 1% Incline
Saturday: 3 miles easy road / No energy

Total miles for the week: 33.25 miles

Weight: 217  lbs 27.0% fat / loss of 3 lbs

Treadmill was finally fixed this week.  Hopefully I will be able to increase my mileage without injury.  Planning on running a 15k race tomorrow.  I don't really plan on racing, just an expensive long easy run.


Week ending March 31, 2007

Sunday: 15k Race Today / Heart Mini-Marathon, Cincinnati, Ohio
Monday: Off today after a streak of 9 days for 46.75 miles.
Tuesday: 7 miles Germantown Dam Trails / Muddy and very hot 80 f  /  Ran at a comfortable pace and felt really good.  Placed a bottle of water at the half way point this time and did not get as dehydrated and over heated like last week.  Ran the whole course and did not take the easy bypass so the time was slower than last week event though I ran faster.  77:57 for the course.  The mud really slowed me down and I fell very hard twice tripping over roots.  Felt really good on the hills today. / Weight 219 and 26.5% body fat.
Wednesday: 4.5 miles treadmill 1% Incline / 8:34 pace / Woke up with a bad cold today.  Did not feel like running but glad I did.  If I did not have a treadmill I probably would not have ran due to the weather and my cold. / Weight 219 and 26.5 % body fat / I have been extremely hungry this week increasing my calorie intake.  I probably will not see much weight loss this week.
Thursday: 10k road home course / Felt great today.  This was one of my best run since 2001 even with the 70 f temp and running into the wind for the last 2 miles.  I held back most of the first 3 miles and probably could have ran well under an 8:00 pace / Pace 8:08 with the last mile in 7:52 running into the wind. / Still struggling with a cold keeping me up most of last night.
Friday: 3 miles Twin Creek Trail / Ran at easy pace walking steep hills, but was still able to run the course in 31 minutes.  Felt low on energy today. / Weight 216 lbs
Saturday: 7 miles Trail Race Germantown Reserve

Date: March 25, 2007
Event: Heart Mini-Marathon 15 K
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Time: 1.22.05
Overall Place: 913 / 3029
Age Group: Place: 116 / 233
Pace: 8:49
Splits: 7.47, 8.18, 7.47, 9.01, 8.45, 9.12, 9.45, 8.58,  12.27
Very hot 75 f and a very hilly course.  Last weeks race temp was 28 f.   I started way to fast for the first 5k missing the first water stop.  I was overheated and dehydrated by the time I reached the first water stop at about mile 3,  I also had to stop and use the restroom for the first time in a race. I was very pleased with my 5k split and happy with my overall result.  I certainly was not prepared for the heat or hills but somehow manage to keep going.  The hill at the end of mile 6 almost did me in.  I noticed many runners gave up at this point and walked the hill.  I am proud to say I ran the whole course and after the hill at mile 6 the rest of the race was a piece of cake.  I actually ran this race in 2001 in a time of 1.14.28 at a weight of 195 lbs.

Date: March 31, 2007
Event: Germantown ORRRC 7 Mile Trail Series run
Location: Germantown, Ohio
Time: 79.07 
Overall Place: 61
Age Group: Place: 9
Pace: 11:18
Splits: ??
Felt terrible with cold, no energy and no sleep. One of my slower times on this course. I knew as soon as I started warming up that it was going to rough run. The course was in pretty good shape although I did get a little muddy. I did ok on the first 3 miles and then came the hills. I ended up walking most of the hills after 3 miles. My legs were heavy, I was dehydrated and just didn't have any energy. I predict that I will run this course next week 10 minutes faster. My course PR in 2001 would have put me in 10th place overall and 2nd in my age group.  My brother Glenn Smith, placed 2nd overall and was the first master.  The Top Runner's ran the 14 mile course at a faster pace than the 7 mile winners. I ran this course in 67.56 on April 10, 2007

Total miles for the week: 38 miles

Weight: 216  lbs 26.5% fat / loss of 1 lbs & .5% fat

Struggled this week with cold, allergies and lack of sleep.  My legs felt great this week, except for the lack of energy on Sunday, I am very pleased with my weekly results. Have had no signs of the groin strain I struggled with for over a month. It looks like I was able to run through it.

136.5 miles for the month / 386 miles for the year / loss of 5 1/2 lbs & 1% BF for the month


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