May 2007 Training and Race Schedule



Beginning month At 208 lbs and 25% body fat.  I have lost 52 lbs up to this point.

Week ending May 5th, 2007

Sunday: 4 Miles Twin Creek Course / Ran very easy today.  Had no energy.
Monday: 10K Twin Creek Trail Course / Ran ok considering the heat.  I was close to 90
f with a very hot sun.  I really struggled over the last mile and was really dehydrated.  I will probably need to start running early morning. / 63:27 / weight today was 208 lbs.
Tuesday: 9.3 Miles Trails / Ran twice today because of the 90
temperature.  I ran the 4.1 mile Twin Creek Course at a 9:37 Pace and really struggled in the heat.  5 hours later I ran the course again at a PR pace of 9:12.  Even with it being my second run and 85 f, I still set a PR for the course.  I also walked & jogged the 1.1 mile trail with my daughter. My left knee has been a little sore over the past few days.  I may have to limit my running to the treadmill for a little while.  I have ran 46 miles in the last 7 days, which I have not done since 1993. / 206 lbs
Wednesday: 6 Miles Trails / Felt good for the first mile and ran the first 3 miles at a 9:10 pace, then I ran out of energy.  I had to walk and jog the last 3 miles.  At least I had a good 3 miles and it wasn't a total loss.
Thursday:  3.25 Road / Easy day today in preparation for race Saturday.  I ran on the road for the first time in a while and felt good.  I started slow and picked up the pace until the last 1/4 mile.  Miles were 9:16, 8:11, 7:41.  I struggled to keep the pace slow and really wanted to pick the pace up. I felt I could have run a 6:30 for the last mile and know I could have run a PR for the distance.  I had good energy and don't really know what happened yesterday.  I think the heat, increased weight loss and mileage caught up to me.
Friday: Taking Today Off.  Hopefully I have A 22:30 5K in me tomorrow.  Ended a good streak at 11 days for 67 miles.  Should end the week with 33 miles.
 4.1 Miles Derby Day Dash 5K in Dayton Ohio. New Pr 22:36 details below.

Date: May 5th, 2007
Event: Derby Day Dash 5K
Location: Fifth Third Field Crawford Plaza Dayton Ohio
Time: 22.36 PR
Overall Place: 39th
Age Group (40-44) Place:5th
Pace: 7:16
Splits: 6:32, 7:39, 7:37, 48
My knees were a little sore (left one especially) during my one mile warm up but felt good once the race started. I cut 36 seconds off previous best. The course was fairly flat and fast.  I pushed the pace with my fastest mile in years. The first mile was slightly uphill and I still managed a 6:32 mile  I felt really good for the first half and then overheated.  The temp was about 70 f but it was humid.  I really struggled for the last mile but held on.  My weight today at the start of the race was 218lbs, which was 12 lbs heavier that were I was on Tuesday due to easier running and increased calorie intake.  I think next race I will take a different approach and skip the carb and fluid loading and try to run lighter.  This was a really fun race with alot of entertainment and races for the kids.  My daughter ran her first 1/4 mile race today.  It would have been a good race to watch as a spectator.  The top two men were separated by 19 seconds with a winning time of 16:14 (David Johnston).  There were 3 women in the top ten with the winning time of 17:17 and 3rd overall.  The top master ran a time of 18:57.  There were 299 runners in the race.

Total miles for the week: 33 miles

Weight: 206  lbs 25% fat Felt low on energy most of the week.  My knees have been bothering me for 2 weeks now especially on the hills.  I think it is "Runners Knee".  It's primarily my left knee below the knee cap.  It is a slight discomfort but not really painfull.  it seems only to bother me when standing up, squatting and fast down hills.  It does not bother me when walking or running after warming up.  I will try to keep off the hills and run a little easier and see if it helps.  I would hate to have to stop running now that I have made great progress.

Week ending May 12th, 2007

Sunday: 8.6 Miles Twin Creek / Felt unbelievably good today and did not want to stop running.  I wanted to run another 3 miles but time did not permit it.  My energy was great today.  It was one of those runs were you feel in the zone and think you could run forever.   I ran the trails at a 9:30 pace and felt really comfortable.  My knee was a little sore on the down hills so I ran the down hills easy.
Monday: 10K Twin Creek Trail Course / On pace for PR first 3 1/2 miles, then I hit the easy part of the course, which is the last 2 1/2 miles mostly down hill.  My left knee was feeling great until I hit the downhill part of the course and I had to slow way down.  I still ended the course with a good time.  Other than my knee I felt great.  I actually felt I could have took a minute off my PR. / Pace 9:22 / Body Fat down to 24.5%
Tuesday: Off today
Wednesday: George Rogers Clark Park 5K Trail Run
details below.
Thursday:  5 1/2 Miles Treadmill 1.0 inline / Easy 8:00 pace.  My knee felt very good today. / Weight Today 206 lbs
Friday: 3 1/4 Treadmill 1.0 Incline / Easy 8:00 Pace
 Daniel Shawver Memorial 5K / PR 21:24 6:53 Pace details below.

Date: May 9th, 2007
Event: George Rogers Clark Park 5K Trail Run
Location: Springfield, Ohio
Time: 25:16
Overall Place: 9th
Age Group (40-44) 3rd
Pace: 8:08
Splits: 8:16 7:52 8:25 :42
My left knee was a little sore during my one mile warm up but felt good once the race started. This was a tough course for my knee, so I started out slow.  There were very few flat parts of the course and it seemed I was either going up or down hill.  After the first 1/2 mile I felt really good and started to pick the pace up.  This is the first race this year that I was actually passing runners instead of being passed.  I felt really good especially for the final 1/4 mile.  After the race I Iced my knee and later in the evening I put heat on it.  My knee felt very good the next morning.

Date: May 12th, 2007
Event: 2nd Annual Daniel W Shawver Memorial 5K
Location: Xenia, Ohio
Time: 21:24
Overall Place: 8th
Age Group (40-49) 2nd
Pace: 6:53
Splits: ??
Felt a little sluggish during my 1 mile warm up and did not expect to do this great.  The course was fast with only one hill.  It seemed to be mostly flat and downhill.  I started the first 100 meters a little fast and slowed down and settled into a fast comfortable pace.  The weather was perfect with no wind.  I met my ultimate goal of running a sub 7:00 pace.  I now believe I have a sub 21:00 in me since I was not feeling my best.  lack of sleep and 5 lbs heavier than I wanted probably kept me from breaking 21:00  My morning weight was 213 lbs which was 7 lbs heavier than where I was on Thursday, but 5 lbs lighter than last weeks race. The winner of the race (Zach Toothman) ran a time of 15:58.  The top master was Butch Bolton in a time of 19:16.  The winning female was Tess Black with a time of 23:41.  There were 116 runners.

Total miles for the week: 32 1/4 miles

Weight: 206 lbs 24% fat Knees felt alot better this week.  Ran less miles on the trails and added a few treadmill runs.  I will probably stay under 40 miles for the next few weeks and run less trails.  Hopefully my knee will be back to 100%.

Week ending May 19th, 2007

Sunday: 3 Miles Twin Creek / Ran really easy at a 10:30 pace. No energy today.
Monday: 7 Mile Germantown Reserve Trail Course / The course was dry for the first time this year.  Felt really good and set a PR for this course this year (-1:57).  I really didn't push the pace to hard and ran a steady pace the whole way.  My knee felt really good, but I still took the down hills easy.  I tripped on some roots on a downhill and went for a face first slide landing on my knees, belly and elbows (Pete Rose Slide).  Besides the cuts I don't think I injured myself.  My left ankle was sore a few hours after the run.  / Pace 9:25 Time 65:59 / Weight today was 209lbs (Up 3 lbs).  Fat 24.0%
Tuesday: 4 1/4 Miles Road Course / Felt good even after tough run yesterday and the 87
f temperature.  Started slow and continued to pick the pace up until the end.  / Spits were 8:58, 8:25, 7:52, 7:05  / weight 208 lbs.
Wednesday: 7 1/2 Miles 2 Runs / First run was on the treadmill at an 8:00 pace.  I was completely out of energy and had to stop.  After eating and several hours later I was able to set a PR on my home 4 mile road course.  Splits were 7:55, 7:39, 7:13, 6:49.  This was the fastest 4 mile run since I quit running in 1993.  It was very windy, but nice temp 55
f.  Weight 207 lbs.  Body Fat 24.0%
Thursday: 6 1/2 Miles Treadmill 1.0 % inline / Easy 8:00 pace / Weight Today 206 lbs
Friday: 3 1/2 Miles Treadmill 1.0 % inline / Easy 8:00 pace / Weight Today 208 lbs
Spring Fling 5K in Miamisburg Ohio. 21:24 details below. Tied PR

Date: May 19th, 2007
Event: Spring Fling 5K
Location: Miamisburg, Ohio
Time: 21:24 Tied Last Weeks PR, However This course was a little harder.
Overall Place: 5th
Age Group (40-49) 2nd
Pace: 6:53
Splits: 6:28, 7:13, 6:59 :44
Felt a lot better at the start this week.  Lack of sleep again might have slowed me down a little.  This was the inaugural race for the Spring Fling, so there were not as many runners competing.  The course was a little slower than last week's very flat course.  The course ran south and back along the Great Miami from Rice Field in Miamisburg down to Cranes Run Near Franklin.  The first half mile was up hill.  Very Surprisingly I set the pace and led for the first mile. Even with the first 1/2 going uphill I still managed to run a 6:28 split.  I knew I was in trouble after the first half mile, but kept the pace up.  At mile one I decided to slow my pace down before I got in trouble.  I picked the pace back up over the last 3/4 miles.  The winner of my age group passed me a little after the half way point.  He pulled ahead of me quite a bit over the next 3/4 mile.  After I picked the pace up over the last 1/2 mile I almost caught back up.  I think he probably beat me by 12 seconds.  The winner ended up with a time in the low 20's.

Total miles for the week: 36 miles

Weight: 206 lbs 24% fat Knee felt 100%.  Staying off the trails every day definitely helped, although the trail is my favorite run.  Have not lost any weight over the past 2 weeks.  I know I have built muscle and I definitely am running much faster.  I hope to get a 10 mile run in next week.  My next race is 9 days away and I hope to break 21:00.  I will probably not be able to run Friday - Sunday due to fact that I will be running my concession trailer over the weekend.  Normally I am to sore and tired to run; however now that I am in better shape it may not be as bad.  Who knows, maybe a few days off will help my time.

Week ending May 26th, 2007

Next Race Is May 28th, 2007 Lou Cox Memorial 5K

Sunday:  5 1/4 Miles Treadmill 1.0 % inline / Easy 8:00 pace
Monday:  7 Mile Germantown Reserve Trail Course / Because of the heat I really did not push the pace and held back until the last set of hills.  The temp was 85
with 40% humidity.  I felt really good and comfortable and finished really strong.  When the run was over I felt better than I normally do after this challenging course and was surprised that I set a Yearly PR for the course. This was the first trail run since my knee has been 100% and I did not notice any hint of a problem.  It looks like I was able to run through another injury.  I hope my luck keeps up. / Weight Today 208 lbs Fat 24.0 %
Tuesday: 8 1/2 Miles Two Runs /  First run was a PR for my 4.1 mile Twin Creek Trail Run.  I ran 1:30 faster than my previous best.  This was also in 85
and 40% humidity.  I wanted to run a long run today but because of the heat waited to run in the evening. / The second run was just as hot later in the evening with the temperature at 87.  I ran a good pace (7:49) on a 4 mile road run.  Weight today was 204 lbs and 23.5 % fat.  Current streak is 14 days for 74 Miles.
Wednesday:  5 1/4 Miles Treadmill 1.0 % inline / Easy 7:53 pace.  Weight today was 204 lbs and 23.5 % fat.
Thursday:  4 Miles 3 Mile Twin Creek Trail Course / 88
and 51% humidity probably slowed me down a little.  I still set a PR for the course by 25 seconds.  I ran the course in 24:04.  If I was watching my watch I probably would have been under 24:00.  This is a really tough course especially the last 800 meters up hill with some steps.  Despite the temperature and tough course, It was probably one of my fastest runs of the year.
Friday: 4 1/4 Miles Treadmill 1.0 % inline / 8:00 pace
Saturday 3 1/2 Miles Treadmill 1.0 % inline / 8:34 pace / Working concessions at the Art In The Park Festival and will be very sore today, tomorrow and for the race on Monday.

Total miles for the week: 37 1/2 miles

Weight: 204 lbs 23.5% fat.  Felt really good this week with no problems. Ended another good streak of 18 days for 90 miles.  I lost 2 lbs and .5 % fat.

Week ending June 2nd, 2007

Sunday:  Off / To sore to run after working 12 plus hours and little sleep.
Monday:  4 Miles Lou Cox Memorial 5K Dayton, Ohio  Details Below
Tuesday: 6 Miles Road /  Ran a new road course later in the evening to avoid the heat.  It was still 85
and humid.  I ran a fairly easy pace of 8:30.
Wednesday: 8.2 Miles Road and Trails /  Ran 2.6 miles to twin creek were I ran the 3 mile trail loop.  I then struggled the last 2.6 miles home.  I say struggled because the 87
heat really hit me today.  I didn't think I was going to make it but I did.  I ended with a 10:05 overall pace.
Thursday: 4 1/2 Miles Treadmill 1.0 % inline / 8:00 pace

Date: May 28th, 2007
Event: Lou Cox Memorial 5K
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Time: 21:51   /   27 seconds slower than PR
Overall Place: 196th
Age Group Clydesdale over 200lbs 7th out of 72
Splits: 6:48, 7:11, 7:06 :44
The course is known as a very fast and flat course and I was hoping for a fast time.  I started at a slower pace than previous races to see if it would help.  I felt really good after the first mile and thought I would end with a PR; however, it didn't work out that way.  At the 2nd mile marker I realized my PR was not going to happen.  I felt really good and thought I was running the same pace as the first mile.  For some reason I just didn't have the speed to run below 7:00.  I guess I worked to many hours over the weekend.  I felt ok for the 3rd mile but just didn't have any speed.  The race ended with a lap on the University of Dayton's track.  The winner of the race was Paul Krebs in 15:35. The top female was Kara Storage in 16:45.  John Agnew was the Top Master and 5th overall with a time of 16:09.  Even though I did not reach mile goal time of a sub 21:00,  I still enjoyed the race.  There were over 1000 runners and I heard the event set a participation record.  The race was very well organized and will remain on my schedule for next year.


151.5 miles for the month / 691.75 miles for the year / loss of 7 lbs & 1.5% BF for the month



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