November 2007 Training and Race Schedule



Beginning month At 210 lbs and 23% body fat.  I have lost 50 lbs up to this point.

My race goal this Month is to run the Turkey Trot 5 Mile Race under 35:50.  My weight goal this month is to get down to 200 lbs and 24% fat.  It has been over 6 Years since I have been under 200 lbs.

Week Ending November 3rd, 2007

Thursday: 5.27 Miles Trails / Narrow Reserve. Beavercreek, Ohio / 49.55  9.28 pace / 76%
Friday: Xenia Wee Bucs 5k
Saturday: DNR

Date: November 2, 2007
Event: Xenia Wee Bucs 5k
Location: Xenia High School Xenia, Ohio
Time: 21.47
Overall Place: 1st
Age Group (40-50) Place: 1st
Pace: 7:00
Splits: 6.21 6.58 7.37 .49
The course was not marked so the splits came from my Garmin.  The course was downhill for the first half and uphill for the 2nd half (explaining the split differences).  There were only 11 runners who turned out for the event even though the weather was perfect.  The temp was 53 with very little wind.  I lead the race for the first 2 miles until an 11 year old (Dakota) passed me and took the lead.  The 11 year old boy would have probably finished around 21 flat and won the race; however, he took a wrong turn and got lost.

Week Ending November 10th, 2007

Sunday: ORRRC Trail Race Narrows Reserve 5.25 Miles
Monday:  DNR
Tuesday: 8.5 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline / 8.37 pace
Wednesday: 7 Miles Trails / Germantown reserve 6.9 loop /  I started at an easy pace with and overall heart rate average of 146 bpm.  Yesterday I noticed that my resting heart rate was 48 bpm. The hills really hit me hard today.  My legs were still heavy from my longer run yesterday.  The overall climb on this run is over 2000 feet.  The temp was a cold 42
but the trail conditions were good.  I had to be a little careful with all of the leaves on the ground and did it well until the end of the run when I went face first into the gravel.  Luckily only scrapes and bruises.  Pace was 10.04
Thursday: 3.25 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline 8.59 Pace
Friday: DNR
Harvest 5K Centerville Ohio

Date: November 4, 2007
Event: ORRRC 5 Mile Narrows Reserve Race
Location: Beavercreek, Ohio
Time: 44.19
Overall Place: 40th
Age Group (40-50) Place: 6th
Pace: 8.26
Splits: 8.01 7.40  8.58 8.49 9.34 1.23
This course was pretty tough for me.  The last hill was very hard.  I ran this course 5 minutes faster than I ran the other day.  The weather was a perfect 56
with very little wind.  My hear rate average 154 bpm.

Date: November 10, 2007
Event: Harvest 5K
Location: Centerville, Ohio
Time: 22:22
Overall Place: 30th
Age Group (40-50) Place: 2nd
Pace: 7:11
Splits: 6:51 7:03 7:21 1:06
This course was easy until the last 1/2 mile.  The hills slowed my last mile down.  I think the distance was a little long.  My heart rate average was 159 bpm with a high of 171.

Total miles for the week: 30 miles

Weight: 207 lbs 23% fat. 

Week Ending November 17th, 2007

Sunday: 9.3 Miles ORRRC 15K Race Spring Valley, Ohio
Monday:  3.25 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline 8:34 Pace / Low on energy today but legs felt good.
Tuesday: 8 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline / Ran two runs today.  4.5 & 3.5 both at 8.34 per mile.
Wednesday: 8.75 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline / Ran two runs today.  The first run was 4.5 miles at an 8:34 pace.  The 2nd run was 4.25 miles with 2 x 400 in 90 seconds and 2 x 800 each in 3:10.
Thursday: 4.5 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline 8:34 Pace
Friday: 3.25 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline 8:59 Pace
Saturday: 6 Miles
7K Race Turkey Chase. Centerville, Indiana

Date: November 11, 2007
Event: ORRRC 15K Race
Location: Spring Valley, Ohio
Time: 73:42
Overall Place: 71st
Age Group (40-50) Place: 6th
Pace: 7:54
Splits: 7:37, 7:24, 7:45, 7:50, 7:46, 7:55, 8:11, 8:24, 8:05, 2:40
This was my 2nd 15K of the year and the longest run of the year.  I felt ok until the 6 mile marker.  It was cold with rain and small hail.  This was my fastest 15k race since 1994 and almost 10 minutes faster than the 15K I ran at the beginning of the year and 1 minute faster than 2001.

Date: November 17, 2007
Event: 7K Race Turkey Chase
Location: Centerville, Indiana
Time: 31:02
Overall Place:
Age Group (40-44) Place:
Pace: 7:08
Splits: 6:50, 7:28, 7:13, 7:17, 2:12
I thought this was a very good effort.  The first 2 miles were uphill and the Last 2 miles were down hill.  I actually ran the first 5K in 22:10 and mostly uphill.  The conditions were perfect with the temperature around 45
with very little wind. I set a PR for the Year for this distance and the 4 mile distance.  My last 4 mile race was at a 7:13 pace.  My next race is the Miamisburg Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day.  It is a very fast course and I hope to run around 35 flat.

Total miles for the week: 43 miles

Weight: 206 lbs 23% fat. 

Week Ending November 24th, 2007

Sunday: 4.5 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline 8:44 Pace
Monday:  4.25 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline 8:26 Pace
Tuesday: 4.75 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline 7:59 Pace
Wednesday: 3.25 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline 9:23 Pace
Thursday: Turkey Trot 5 Mile Race
Friday: 4.5 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline 8:40 Pace / Felt really good today even after running hard yesterday.  Managed to keep the pace slow even though I wanted to run fast.
Saturday: 7 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline 8:06 Pace / First 5 miles at 8:00

Date: November 22, 2007
Event: 5 Mile Turkey Trot
Location: Miamisburg, Ohio
Time: 35:52
Overall Place: 300+
Age Group (Clydesdale 200 lbs +) Place:4th
Pace: 7:10
Splits: 6:52, 6:56, 7:15, 7:34, 7:15
Good run today.  I was hoping for a little faster time but happy that I received a very nice plaque for 4th in the Clydesdale division.  The wind over the last 2 miles kept me from my goal time.  The temperature was 42
but the wind chill was much colder.  I was very happy at the 5k point when I noticed my time was 21:45 which is not far from my 5k PR earlier in the year.  I have two 5k's coming up in December and hope to break 21:00 or at least set a PR (21:24).  I have now officially been running for 1 year.  My first race last year was this Turkey Trot and I cut off 12 minutes from last years time.

Total miles for the week: 33 miles  Current streak is 15 days for 81 miles

Weight: 207 lbs 22% fat. 

Week Ending December 1, 2007

Sunday: 9.5 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline 8:34 Pace / Felt really comfortable.  Could have kept running but I didn't want to push the treadmill any harder.
Monday:  4.5 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline 8:34 Pace
Tuesday: 5 Miles track intervals 8 x 400 / 89, 93, 92, 94, 94, 94, 95, 90 / 200 meter easy jog between each.  Jogs were 1:20 - 1:30  / 1 mile warm up and cool down / felt really good.  The wind kept the times down a little.  I will try 10 x 400 next week. / Heart rate high was 161 bpm.
Wednesday: 8 miles in two runs.  I was low on energy for the first a.m. run at 9:03 pace for 3.5 miles.  Felt really good for the evening run at a 8:34 pace for 4.5 miles.  Both runs were on the treadmill at a 1.0 incline
Thursday: 7 miles x two runs.  Both runs were on the treadmill again today.  It was the opposite of yesterday.  The a.m. run felt really good at 9:00 pace for 4.5 miles.  The evening run was at a 8:34 pace for only 2.5 miles.  I just ran out of energy at two miles and couldn't run any more.  I think my calorie intake for the past few days was a little low.  My weight is down to 206 lbs and my body fat down to 24%.  So far I have lost 4 lbs for the month and 1% body fat.
Friday: 3.25 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline 9:13 Pace
Saturday: 7 Miles 5K race
See December's Schedule

Total miles for the week: 44 miles  Current streak is 22 days for 125 miles

Weight: 206 lbs 22% fat. 

Total for Month: 153 Total For Year: 1265 Weight: 206 lbs 22% fat.





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