March 2008 Training and Race Schedule



Beginning month At 201 lbs and 19 % body fat.  I have lost 59 lbs up to this point.

Week Ending March 8, 2008 

Sunday: 3 miles Road 9:18 pace.  Right Knee and Hamstring sore.  It will be hard to run many miles on the road since my treadmill out of service for a few weeks.
Monday: 3 miles Trail course Twin Creek.  Ran course really easy at a 10:30 pace.  Also did a pm AB & weight workout.
Tuesday: 6 miles 8 x 1/4 mile intervals.  Ran on the YMCA track which is 15 laps to a mile.  Ran an average of 93 seconds with 200 meter rest between.  Warm up and cool down was 3 miles.
Wednesday: 3.25 miles road easy 9:15 pace
Thursday: 5 miles ran a 5k trial on a local race course.  Didn't push it as hard as a race and still manage to cut 5 seconds off of the course.  The wind was at 8 mph which slowed me down a little over the first 2 miles.  splits were 6:50 7:12 7:06 :42 for a total time of 21:49.  I ran this course in 22:21 in the actual race October, 2007.
Friday: DNR Blizzard of 2008
Saturday: DNR Blizzard of 2008

Total miles for the week: 20 miles 

Weight: 203 lbs 19% fat. 

Week Ending March 15, 2008 

Sunday: 3rd day off
Monday: 8 miles road course / 65:14 / 8:09 pace /
Tuesday: 3.25 miles road course easy / 9:20 pace /
Wednesday: 6.5 miles road intervals 12 x 1/4 mile / average was 90.5 / 2.5 seconds faster than best with 4 more intervals added.
Thursday: DNR
Friday: DNR
Saturday: 4.5 miles St. Patrick 5K

Date: March 15, 2008
Event: ORRRC
St. Patrick 5K 3.15
Location: Middletown,  Ohio
Time: 21:39
Overall Place: 14
Age Group (40-44) 3
Pace: 6:58
Splits: 6:24 6:59 7:24 :52

I felt really good for the race today.  My weight was up to 208 lbs due to low mileage over the past few weeks.  The temperature was around 35f with a 5mph wind.  I ran a slow 1 mile warmup with a very fast last 1/4 mile.  I started the race off a little faster today over the first 1/4 mile and felt ok.  The first 1.5 miles went very good and I felt great,  it was slightly flat and downhill but into the wind. The last 1.5 miles was uphill and alot slower.  If it were flat I would have definitely been under 21:00.  My Garmin put the distance at 3.15 which is about 6:53 per mile.  I was in a very good race over the last 1/4 mile with a runner who normally finishes ahead of me.  He passed me in the last 1/4 but I was able to keep behind him and pass him in the last 200 meters.

Total miles for the week: 22 miles Weight 202 lbs Fat 19 %  Low mileage with sore legs and no treadmill

Week Ending March 22, 2008 

Sunday: DNR  Right knee and hamstring really sore and tight.
Monday: DNR
Tuesday: 6 miles Treadmill 1.0 / 7:15 pace for 5 Miles / 6:40 pace for 5K
Wednesday: 4.5 miles Treadmill 1.0 / easy 10:00 pace / Right hamstring and knee very sore.  Feels good once I warm up.
Thursday: 4 miles on the road @ 8:50 per mile
Friday: DNR
Saturday: 7 mile trail race

Date: March 22, 2008
Event: Germantown Trail Series 7 Miles ORRRC
Location: Germantown,  Ohio
Time: 64:33
Overall Place: 22
Age Group (40-44) 1
Pace: 9:14
Splits: 7:10 7:59 9:37 8:54 10:11 11:31 9:08

This was one of my best efforts in a race over the past year.  I cut 15 minutes off of last years time.  Last year I finished 9th in my age group.  The course was a little different this year due to flooding.  The course was really wet and muddy in many spots, which slowed my overall time down by a few minutes.  The temp was 35f with a 11 mph wind.  The race started very fast and downhill for the first 1.75 miles.  The middle part of the race was mostly uphill and flat.  The last 3 miles were the worst as far as hills.  I think I paced myself really well over the first half which allowed me to push up the steep hills in the last half of the race.  My knee and hamstring felt ok today.

Total miles for the week: 22 miles Weight 203 lbs Fat 20 % 

Week Ending March 29, 2008 

Sunday:  DNR  Right hamstring still bothering me.  Feels ok once I loosen up and running.
Monday:  5.25 Easy treadmill run.  Ran at a 1.0 incline and 8:15 Pace.  I noticed today that the treadmill seems to be calibrated better.  Since the repairs the runs at 1.0 incline seem to be closer to what they would be on the road.
Tuesday:  DNR
Wednesday:  7.5 Miles Road.  Ran my 10K course at a 7:43 pace.  The wind was light with the temp about 54f.  I felt ok but had no speed in the last mile due to my sore hamstring.
Thursday:  6 miles easy treadmill
Friday:  3 miles easy treadmill
Saturday:  Off 15K Race Cincinnati, Ohio Tommorow

Total miles for the week: 22 miles Weight 202 lbs Fat 19.5 % 

Total miles for month 102.5 Total miles for year 440

This was my lowest month since August of last year.  I gained 1 lb this month.  The low mileage was due to sore hamstring and knee.









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