June 2008 Training and Race Schedule



Beginning month At 199 lbs and 18.5 % body fat.

Week Ending June 7, 2008 

Sunday:  4.5 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline.  Ran easy 9:23 Pace.  Low on energy and heavy today.
Monday: 5.5 Miles Treadmill 1.0 Incline.  8:23 Pace.  Legs very tired and sore today and yesterday.  Two easy days should help.
Tuesday:  DNR Camping Trip
Wednesday: 4 Mile road run easy 9:40 Pace
Thursday: 3 Mile easy road run 10:00 Pace
Friday:  DNR
Saturday: 3 Mile easy treadmill Run

Total miles for the week: 20 miles  Tired and sore this week.  Achilles was really sore so I cut my mileage in half.

Weight: 205 lbs 19.5% fat.

Week Ending June 14, 2008 

Sunday:  6.5 total miles.  10K Race Troy Strawberry Festival.
Monday: 10 Mile treadmill run.  1.0 incline.  First 8 miles was at 8:55 pace.  Last 2 miles were very easy.  Total time was 96 Minutes.
Tuesday:  4.5 mile treadmill run at 8:48 pace.  This run was after a 16 mile bike ride.
Wednesday: 4 total miles.  2.5 Mile evening race Middletown Street Striders Summer Series.
Thursday: 6.25 Total miles.  Ran 2 easy 3 mile runs.  First was on the treadmill at 9:13 pace.  evening run on the road at 9:30 pace.  Temp was over 90 and humid.  Weight back down to 205 lbs.
Friday:  3.25 treadmill 9:30 Pace
Saturday: 7 Miles with a 5K Race Yellow Springs Street Fair 5K

Date: June 8, 2008
Event:  Troy Strawberry Festival 10K
Location: Troy,  Ohio
Time: 47:58  Last year was 47:39
Overall Place: 80
Age Group (Clydesdale 210lbs +) Started race at 212 lbs and finished 1st
Pace: 7:39 Garmin Pace
Splits: 6:53 7:25 7:55 7:51 8:12 8:01 1:38

I started the race with a very good first mile and felt great.  After mile 2 the heat really got to me.  The temp was 85f with a 14 mph wind and 70% humidity.  The last 2 miles were into the wind and very tough.  I didn't drink enough water and felt dehydrated.  It looked like many runners were 2 minutes slower than last year so I was happy I finished around the same time.  My PR for this course was in the early 90's when I ran a 40:20.  The finish of the race was a lap around the track and I was passed by many runners.  I could barely hold on to a 7:30 pace on the track and felt really terrible as I crossed the finish line.  The wind, Hills and temperature slowed my overall time down but I was happy to win the Clydesdale division again this year.  My weight climbed back up to 212lbs due to my slow down over the previous 2 weeks.

Date: June 11, 2008
Event:  2.5 Mile evening race Middletown Street Striders Summer Series
Location: Smith Park Middletown,  Ohio
Time: 16:36  Last year's time was 16:36
Overall Place: 1st
Age Group 1st
Pace: 6:38  A 5k at this pace would be 20:36
Splits: 6:18 6:48 3:29

This race was in the evening; however, it was still over 90f.  The humidity was 40% and there was a 10 mph wind.  I started the race with one of my fastest miles and was able to build a pretty good lead.  At the half way point I felt myself slowing and tried to pick the pace up.  The 2nd place female finisher seemed to make up some ground over the last mile but was back to far to catch up.  There were not many runners for the first race of the series.  I finished 3rd last year with the same time.  I think I could have run the last 1.5 miles faster if I had someone pushing me.  This was my fastest pace of the year for a race.  My weight was back down to 207 lbs before the race.

Date: June 14, 2008
Event:  Yellow Springs Street Fair 5K 3.11 Miles
Location: Yellow Springs,  Ohio
Time: 21:30
Overall Place: 14
Age Group 1st
Pace: 6:54
Splits: 6:31 6:08 7:13 :37

I started the race at 207 lbs.  The temp was 70, humidity 88% and a 6mph wind.  The course was mostly flat and fast.  I ended with a good time even with the humidity.  I ran 2.5 mile warm up and was feeling really good for the race.  I started a little slower than normal for the first half mile and enjoyed passing runners up until I slowed at the half way point.  I hit the half way point in PR time and started slowing.

Total miles for the week: 41 miles 

Weight: 202 lbs 19% fat.

Week Ending June 21, 2008 

Sunday:  DNR
Monday: 7.5 Mile treadmill run.  1.0 incline.  8:21 pace
Tuesday:  4 mile treadmill run at 8:35 pace.  Right knee very sore today.
Wednesday: DNR  Due to work schedule and knee soreness
Thursday: DNR  Due to work schedule and knee soreness
Friday:  DNR  Due to work schedule and knee soreness
Saturday: DNR  Due to work schedule and knee soreness

Total miles for the week: 11.5 miles 

Weight: 206 lbs 20% fat.

Week Ending June 28, 2008 

Sunday:  DNR
Monday: 4.5 mile treadmill run at 8:35 pace.
Tuesday:  5.25  mile treadmill run at 8:30 pace.
Wednesday: 3.5 mile treadmill run at 8:50 pace.
Thursday: 5.5  mile treadmill run at 7:48 pace.
Friday:  3.25 mile treadmill run at 8:45 pace.
Saturday: 9 Miles with a 5K Race
Moraine Heritage Race

Date: June 28, 2008
Event:  Moraine Heritage 5K 3.13 Miles
Location: Moraine,  Ohio
Time: 22:12
Overall Place: 17
Age Group 1st
Pace: 7:06
Splits: 6:39 7:16 7:23 :52

I started the race at 211 lbs feeling heavy.  The humidity was 85%.  I felt good for the first half and managed to hold my normal pace.  At the turnaround I knew it was going to be a slow race.  This was a flat course where I should have been able to set a PR.  My heart rate was higher than any previous race and was at 175 bpm at the finish.  I really pushed hard over the last 200 meters passing the leader of my age group and holding him off at the finish.  Poor performance probably due to poor training over the past 2 weeks.

Total miles for the week: 31 miles 

Weight: 202 lbs 20.25% fat.

Week Ending July 5, 2008 

Sunday:  5.5 miles treadmill 1.0 incline 8:49 Pace.  Weight is back down to 202 & 19.5% Fat
Monday: 6.75 Treadmill 1.0 incline 8:29 pace

Total miles for the week: 42 miles Weight 202 lbs Fat 18 % 

Total miles for month 116 Total miles for year 829

Poor month due to knee and hamstring soreness.  Still able to keep my weight and body fat down.






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